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Where do I need to update my address when I move?

Asked by sferik (6099points) January 5th, 2008

I’m going to be moving into a new apartment soon. I’ve been going to every website I can think of (bank, utilities, etc.) updating my address online, but I have this feeling there that are some important ones I’m missing. Where are all the places I need to update my address?

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umm-the post office? Don’t know if that can be done online.

also for letting others (contacts) know Plaxo is good.

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You can do it on I think its 1$ to do it or something

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@ Fallstand: scary-does that mean that anyone can change my address online? And for a $1.00?!??

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the 1.00 from a credit/debit card confirms your identity

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Don’t forget to change your address on the electoral roll

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ok, so where are all the places? let’s make a whole list.

- bank(s), for checking/saving accounts, credit cards, loans, to get new checks, etc
– post office (online or in person)
– gas, electric, water, trash, recycling, sewage (some of these may be together or separate)
– phone(s), internet
– cable, netflix, or other such services
– where you’re registered to vote (what’s the easiest way to change this?)
– all your friends and family
– payroll and/or company, school, or other organizations directories
– any alumni groups, clubs or associations you’re a member of
– mailing lists you want to stay on – newspapers, magazines, music groups that mail flyers
– driver’s license (this is technically supposed to be within 10 days or something)

what’s missing?

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Pick up a Change-of-Address Kit from the Post Office. Also notify your address change with:

Friends and family
Insurance companies
Credit card companies
Magazines and newspapers
Doctors, dentists and other providers – transfer drug prescriptions
Past employers


Give forwarding address at the Post Office.
Update address on your Charge Accounts and Credit Cards
Update address on your subscriptions. Notice requires several weeks.
Notify Friends and Relatives of your new address. (i.e. Phone, E-mail, Postcards).

Notify companies of new location for coverages (i.e. Life, Health, Fire and Auto).
Utility Companies
Gas, light, water, telephone and fuel.
Laundry, newspaper
Medical, Dental, Prescription Histories
Doctor and Dentist and Pharmacy
Church, Club, Civic Organizations
Vet / Updating pet name tags with new contact information (phones/address)


Save Money Now!!
Electric, Gas, Broadband, TVElectric, Gas, Mobile, TVL, etc – old homeGovernmentShopping & LeisureCharitiesFinancialClubs – MembershipsSubscriptions


You Live Where?
It’s critical to update address and phone changes as quickly as possible. Credit cards and other bills that are delayed while the mail forwards may still cost late fees and affect credit records. If possible, arrange to manage these accounts with toll-free phone numbers during the move or online with e-mail reminders. Auto insurance premiums also may change with a new zip code, so be sure to update policies promptly.

Conveniently, the IRS has an address change form online at that can be printed and mailed so tax refund checks find their owners after a move. Many other important sources also have online forms or allow instant online address changes to save a few dollars in postage.


Announcing Your Move

Four or five weeks before you move, contact the Post Office for a Change of Address form or visit the U.S. Postal Service Web site to change your address online. In either case, just fill in the form and be sure to include the date you want the Post Office to begin forwarding your mail to your new address.

Send change of address notes or e-mail postcards announcing your move to:

Friends and family
Banks, insurance companies and other institutions
Credit card companies
Utilities and phone company
Cable or Satellite TV company
Voter Registration
Secretary of State, Department of Motor Vehicles
Doctors, dentists and other service providers
Any clubs or association memberships
Local and Federal government agencies
Schools and church
Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
Remember to notify utilities and telephone companies at both old and new addresses. Set a date for utility disconnection here – and hookup there. Record all utility meter readings and check service and transfer dates. Be sure to keep telephone and utilities connected at your current home throughout moving day.


Updating Your Cable, Phone, Mail Address and Other Services With Your New Address
So you have finally moved to a new home in a new place. A change in address can definitely be quite a bother. To help you out, we have come up with a few helpful tips that will help you with the testing situation of changing your address.

Before you give your new address to all your services providers like cable, phone, electric, gas and other services you have to make sure that all mail received at your old address will, without any doubt, be redirected and passed on to your new address. This is essential, as most utilities will respond with bills and changes at your old address. To do this you will need to give your new address to the USPS, which you can do either at your local USPS branch or using the online USPS changing address facility.

Once you update your new address with the USPS, you can relax and begin the process of updating your other service providers with your new address. Certainly you should make sure that you suspend, discontinue or redirect all your important and expensive services to your new home address.

Essential services like your residence telephone service or mobile phone service need to be updated with a change in your address as soon as possible. You will perhaps have to fax the form that will be available on the website of your service provider. You can also call up their customer service to find out the formalities you are required to perform, and inform the company about your changed address. The same procedures will also be applied in case of long distance phone service and internet service provider. You will have to do the same for your electricity and gas services. You can even check out the internet or call up their customer care. Do update all other mail service providers such as Fed-Ex and Ups that you have subscribed to with your new address.

Collect all your medical records when you are about to move into a new residence. Also ask for references of doctors at the new area where ever you will be moving, from your present doctors.

In case of bank accounts and credit cards, visit your local bank branches and inform them about your address change. Here again you may have to complete certain formalities to bring the bank up to date with your new address.

For newspaper and magazines subscriptions, you can update your address or about any other subscription changes over a telephone call.

In case of club or association memberships, you can always let them know about your changed address over the phone, or write to them about it. A farewell in person is a warm gesture that is actually more appropriate. In case you have to pay participation fees or other membership charges, then make sure that they are either discontinued or suspended before leaving. You may also wish to continue your membership and participating in your present clubs even after you move to your new home. In that case, you will have to provide them with your new address. Usually your clubs and associations will have forms and will give them to you for updating themselves with your new address.

Get in touch with your insurance agent to perform to the necessary procedures to update the company with your new address. For your driver license, you have to get a new license that has your new address within 10 days. Use this link to request for your new driver license: – Select your state on the top of the page and follow the instruction.

To be able to vote in the new state where you have moved, you have to register yourself as a member of that state. Follow the instructions as written in the EAC website at


Finally, do let your friends, family, children’s school, your church, all the charities and organizations and associations that you are a member with, and your employees and employers know your new contact address and telephone numbers.

Regardless of how you feel about them, you will also have to update your new address in the records of the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS.

In case you are getting any disabilities or survivor’s benefits or SSI (Supplement Security Income), inform the supplement security offices about the change of address so that you can continue to enjoy these benefits.

We hope we have made your moving easier by listing all the essential services. Follow these as a basic guideline and enjoy your new home!


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so, to update…. (I didn’t check the links, I just condensed the info above)

- bank(s), for checking/saving accounts, credit cards, loans, to get new checks, etc
– post office (online or in person)
– all other mail service providers such as Fed-Ex and Ups that you have subscribed to
– gas, electric, water, trash, recycling, sewage (some of these may be together or separate)
– phone(s), internet
– cable, netflix, or other such services
– where you’re registered to vote –
– all your friends and family
– payroll; company, school, or other organizations directories; employers/employees
– any alumni groups
– past employers
– clubs, church, civic organizations, associations you’re a member of
– mailing lists – newspapers, magazines, music groups/nonprofits/etc that mail fliers
– driver’s license – get a new one at, within 10 days
– Insurance companies – location for coverages (i.e. Life, Health, Fire and Auto)
– Doctors, dentists and other providers; transfer drug prescriptions
– Vet; updating pet name tags with new contact information
– any disabilities or survivor’s benefits or SSI (Supplement Security Income)

is that it?

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Sferik, just wanted to pop on here and remind you that if you filed your change of address with the post office and they have been forwarding your mail for the past 9 months, make sure you contact anyone that you are still receiving mail from with the yellow label that has been forwarded from your old address, because the post office will only forward mail for 12 months. I mention this because we still had some places that didn’t have our new address, especially places that you don’t deal with on regular basis like 6 months or yearly insurance renewals, medical offices, etc.

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