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3 Lurve hits off of only 2 GA's?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) July 15th, 2009

So, for this quip, I’m currently showing 2 GA’s.

However, in my Lurve Train, I see three +5 entries for that same quip. There are other entries newer than those three, including today’s +1 for visiting “two days in a row”. So I doubt it’s simply a timing/synchronization issue.

I’m not talking about my Lurve Score… we all know the limits on that.

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You’re better off than me.

I once had 6 GAs off a particular question and only received 15 lurve :[

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Er, “particular answer” is what I meant.

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@Grissaile, that’s Lurve Score… and specifically not what I’m talking about. I can get 20 +5’s in a day and not see my Score increase a whit. That’s expected behavior.

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It’s a bug. One user’s GA registered twice (visible to mods). This happens occasionally, but I’m not sure why. It never counts toward the points total when it happens, though.

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@Harp, ah… known bug. I’ve just never seen it before. Figures.

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@robmandu, good catch! Your lurve specific should correspondence with the actual numbers on the quips.
(ignoring, of course, total lurve score adjustment).

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It happened to me yesterday. No biggie.

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