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Is Fluther the first place you heard the word 'lurve'?

Asked by ShanEnri (4419points) July 15th, 2009

I first heard it in a series called “The House of Night”. Two girls were always telling others that they lurve them! My daughter said it’s not really common, but not new either!

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No, I’ve heard it before on a message board some years ago. Fametracker, maybe? I don’t recall the exact site, but it was online.

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Yes. I never heard the word before I came here.

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nope. i’ve watched Woody Allen movies.

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Bendrew was (were) candid about having stolen it from Woody Allen. They have always been a model of probity.

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Lurve was first heard on for me…..=)

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“Annie Hall”:

“In that famous “lurve” scene, for instance, Alvy basically twists Annie’s arm to get her to say she loves him—and she convinces herself. Meanwhile, Alvy avoids saying he loves her by using variations of the word (“I luff you, I lurve you…”) Once the viewer realizes that, the rest of the movie changes, and you understand parts of the reason that Alvy’s never had a truly successful relationship.”


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I think that the first place I read it was in “Bridget Jones Diary.” (Or is it the Diary of Bridget Jones?)

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I’ve never heard of the word lurve. And after coming to this site, I’m still alittle unsure of what it means.

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I read it first in Harry Potter (I think pt. six) where that ghost started telling everybody “Potter LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVES <someone, can’t remember the name>”.

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@Vincentt It was Peeves the Poltergeist shouting “Potter lurves Loony,” as in Luna Lovegood.

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@gailcalled- I forgot about that scene. I had thought Fluther was the first place I’d heard “lurve” but I guess it was Annie Hall.

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@tedibear39 Yep, that’s the one, thanks :)

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No, it’s how Celine Dion pronounces “love.” My friends and I have used it for a long time, mocking the French-Canadian songbird.

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It must be because I was so confused I asked THIS question.

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Yup, I learned how to lurve here

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“Ah, wouldn’t it be lurv-er-ly!”

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It’s been around. I’m not sure anyone could really pin down an exact origin for it though. I’ve said “lurvely” in my day-to-day conversations a few times before.

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Yes, Fluther is the first place I heard the word ‘lurve’. In fact, Fluther is the first place I’ve heard a lot of new words. Some intelligible, others not so much, depending on who’s composing the answers and if they’re sober when they’re typing.

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Not lurve. But frizzer! And babby!

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Many years of poor Barry White imitation has seen to it that ‘lurve’ is a permanent part of my vocabulary.

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I read it in a book called “Lucky T”. It was used to describe the feeling you have as an adolescent when you really like someone; not love.

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