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How do I dispose of the mouse I just caught?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) January 5th, 2008

Following fluther advice, I just put a Victor mouse trap (non-battery operated – spring mechanism) in the front seat of car. Now – five minutes later, there are the hindquarters of what is clearly a dead rodent sticking out of the hole. What do I do about my squeamishness. Is it fair to ask a friend to do the honors? Trap is expensive to use only once. Yech.

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Surely someone here has a good recipe, we have them for almost everything else. . . what’s the french for “rodent au vin?”

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ragĂ´ut de souris; souris en brochette; souris au vin rouge (never serve w. white wine). See mice recipe repertoire in Never Cry Wolf

No mice down toilets when you have a septic system…talk about compounding the problem…

And with friends like these…..

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Actually, a mouse in a septic tank won’t hurt a thing. He will decompose quite nicely and return to the soil, whence he came. (Susan will vouch for me!)

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You have a cat? :) – If you don’t or he won’t eat it, I’d throw it in a Ziploc bag and trash it.

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mouse in a car? now i have heard everything. ;-) i wish i had such luck at one place i lived. there was ONE tiny little mouse and do you think i could get the sucker? no. i moved eventually thank goodness. i love animals but these can make you mental.

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go deep in woods or go for a long drive and leave it there. Make sure it doesn’t follow you back home.
After watching Ratatouille, don’t think I can kill any rat or mouse ;)

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@MrKnowitAll: which of my beoved Susans are you referring to? I know that a mouse will decompose but the thought of puttting him in toilet…I followed the instructions on the Victor trap this AM and got the cover off; the DEAD (very) mouse stuck to the trap after having been stirred and shaken several times. I finally threw the whole shebang into the snow.

@xmen: I am now off to the hardware store to buy more Havaharts. Better karma, my sister tells me. I don’t mind transporting live mice (in traps) far, far away….I have one very unfriendly and mean neighbor….that seems like a good drop-off point.

And I was really hoping that my friend Kevbo would fly up to take care of the problem.

And it is my understanding that good, generous cats will often bring their slaves owners mice parts

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I’ve once had to deal with the problem of having a live mouse caught by the leg in a trap. In retrospect this was a terrible idea but i decided the most humane way to kill if was to shoot it in the head with a .22 target pistol. I took it to the back yard where i set it on the ground to take aim but as soon as i let go, it took off, quite quickly, dragging the trap behind it. I let off 3 or 4 rounds as it escaped under some concrete stairs. I felt bad knowing it was still attached to the trap and would have to suffer. Poor fella, i guess i need more target practice.

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Any man should be able to do it.

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Milo here: Folks, I arrived just in time chez Gail. Mice are great to bat around before the final pounce. Gail has learned to deal with the wee slickit corpse the morning after. It is past the cowering stave.

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