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Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

Asked by Protagoras (135points) January 2nd, 2008

Cats seem to love the taste of mice, so why don’t they sell mouse-flavored cat food?

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I’m not sure if it’s the taste of mice that cat’s go after, but rather the thrill of the hunt.

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Because cat food coloring, dry kibble shapes, flavor descriptions, and package design are all designed for cat owners (i.e. the buyer), not cats.

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I have never seen a cat actually eat a mouse. I have found mice that were used as chew toys by cats. I have always had cats. I have found dead mice outside the doorstep. But, never a mouse that was eaten for mouse meat.

hollywoodduck might be right. If the cat has normal cat food it will go for that first. The mouse is a fun toy to the cat.

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A better cat food would be one that vibrates or moves around. Imagine bits of kibble that danced around in the cat’s dish – the cat would love it. So I agree with hollywoodduck, I think it’s the thrill of the chase/hunt.

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Who would be the taste-tester to determine that the taste was authentic? The other cat flavors – chicken, fish, etc. – are all things that humans eat and could verify by tasting it themselves.

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My cats always enjoyed a good rodent or two..I often would step outside to find a single heart left on the doorstep as a gift. How lovely….Once I found a dead mouse on a walk with my cat. He plopped himself right down and enjoyed his meal. Blech, sorry. If there were a mouse flavored cat food, who would be the taste tester to say that yup, that tastes just like mouse…..?

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So why is everyone suggesting that I get a cat who will solve my mice-in-car problems? I have seen mice organs displayed on carpets of houses inhabited by cats. I’d rather throw a dead mouse-in-trap away.

i guess that there is not bird-flavoured cat food either.

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Maybe if your cat were the driver….it would be a better deal!

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Maybe it is mouse flavored. Have you tasted either.

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LOL thats a good question. And also why DO they have beef flavored cat food. I can’t imagine a housecat if it were in the wild would ever try hunting a cow.

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I wonder why they don’t sell hotdog flavored dog food? Anyway, I think mouse SCENTED catfood would be a good idea. We had a mouse when the kids were little. Our cat knew it. She came up out of the basement with FIRE in her eyes. Within a few minutes she had the mouse in her mouth and (don’t read further if you’re squeamish) we watched her eat that mouse head to tail. I recall the head making a crunching sound and the tail just slippin on down. Disgusting.

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Over here it would be Gopher in gravy flavor that would do it for my little tigress.
That, and maybe Lizard loaf. lol

I am still trying to find the perfect, never miss, favorite Fancy Feast flavor for the little princess.

I’d say 4 out of 5 taste tests have been, what I call ” Flavor failures.” hehe

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