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Is there any similar TV programme that has since replaced Jackass?

Asked by lilgiraffe (286points) July 15th, 2009

You know, the show that starred Steve-O..

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I know who Steve-O is, I don’t think any other program has replaced all the wonderful shit that Jackass has done though…

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nitro circus is pretty tight. not like jackass but it’s still a good fill-in

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As MCBeat said, Nitro Circus is one, and Fantasy Factory does similar stunts and such from time to time.

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You could try Thrillbillies or maybe something like Scarred

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@bcstrummer Scarred is also a good one as well

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@bcstrummer That show makes me cringe, man…

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@Fly But it’s awesome! : )

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I thought johnny knoxville was the star of that show…no?

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You might want to track down Dirty Sanchez (on the web if ur in the USA). It’s a UK show that’s a little more close to the bone!

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Yeah def dirty sanchez those guys are just INSANE!! They do stuff Steve-O and JK wud be too pussy to do!

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@OreetCocker & @Walshy I just checked out dirty sanchez on youtube.. Awesome!!! Thanks

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