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What kind of tripod should I buy for my DSLR?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) July 20th, 2009

I would like to use it in the long run and be sturdy, heavy duty and support heavy lens/body.

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Tripod & Head Chooser

As for models, I’m not sure as I haven’t keep keeping up with their product line but the products of their I’ve used have been spot on every time.

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Some of the things I’m aware are that the head/neck is the most important part of the tripod. Some people might say having a tripod is bad as I have learned from reading other blogs like Ken Rockwall who says don’t buy a tripod &

I know Manfrotto is a good brand, I just wouldn’t know which model/head to buy


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Get one that has an aluminium or steel body. not the ones with light thin legs that wiggle and bend.

Yes it is said the head is most important, but that goes for video tripods where you need to move smoothly. For still photography most tripods will do the trick.
I recommend getting a remote for your camera as well, this way you can use even wiggly tripods if you’re on a budget, but just stand back… don’t touch the camera, and remotely trigger it.

Of coarse the shutter of the camera moves the whole contraption.

you can spend a whole lot of money on a good tripod, but most best photos are taken spontaniously… where you dont need tripods but just handhold the cam.

what do you aim to use it for?

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Night Photography. I like going to the beaches at night and taking pictures, also I love taking pictures of city lights and the moon.

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@loveurmindnsoul ok then a not too expensive tripod would be suficient.
avoid any plastic parts.
most tripods today have this click system which is rally handy for moving around fast.

if youve got some pics send me a message on good luck

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Get one with three legs.

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Anyone heard of Gitzo? I was browsing through the B&H catalog and came across it. It is so much more expensive than Manfrotto though.

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Gitzo lasts forever. Even their carbon fiber rigs are top shelf. And they have three legs too!

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Which series of the Gitzo tripods should I buy? I’d like the max height to be above 5ft. I looked at their product catalog and they have series such as systematic carbon 6x, explorer, aluminum, basalt, leveling & mountaineering carbon 6x. I don’t really get what the series 1,2,3 represent


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