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Which DSLR camera should I buy?

Asked by Glow (1366points) January 13th, 2010

I’m a beginner who isn’t very well versed in Digital SLR cameras, but I need to get one for a class, and for personal needs. I need one that can take photos of paintings and drawings but I also need one that can take outdoor photos, such as nature and wildlife. So far, I seemed to have found some good beginner cameras on bestbuy and for 450ish. They are a Sony Alpha, NikonD3000, and a Canon Rebel XS. The Nikon and cannon are 18–55mm f, but I have no idea what that means! I think I am leaning towards the Nikon more, but I am having a hard time making a choice. I have heard that they are all relatively equal in performance and quality, so it is basically at this point opinionated on which one I want. Thing is, I just can’t make a choice because I am afraid of making a bad one!

Can anyone with experience in these cameras give me some info and advice?

links to the cameras:

(copy n paste this one)>

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with the information you presented me i would prefer the canon( please check this link before you read on one of your links is broken so i did a bit of research myself. if that is not the camera you were referring to then i would reccomend the nikon as you said.

kruger_d's avatar is an excellent site for camera reviews/comparisons.

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i much agree it is where i do most of my research

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I <3 my Rebel. :) Takes awesome pictures and is easy to get used to. I got it this past summer, and hadn’t used a DSLR camera. I’ve never used a Nikon, but have heard great things about them as well. Go to a good store that will let you handle the cameras and compare them, in addition to reading reviews.

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5d canon or 7d…thats what i would def get if i had the money right now

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mid you the 500d canon is perfect for beginner and very good price!
18–55 mm is a very good lens for landscape and “opens” up image, its a fantastic lens in my opinion and one you cant go without!

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At that price range, they’re all pretty equivalent. What’s important to you is the feel of the camera, how it fits in your hand, and the display. You’re probably going to want two lenses, a 18–55, and a telephoto (there are several—the popular entry level one that Canon makes is the 55–250 IS). Make sure the lens or camera has image stabilization.

Agree with @Missausten. Go to your local Best Buy, Frys, or whatever, and pick them up and look at them.

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Thanks everyone, I have chosen the canon xs! Awesome! ^^

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