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How can I save a PDF document as a Jpeg?

Asked by Link (327points) July 24th, 2009

I opened the PDF with Acrobat 9.1 and tried to see if there was a “save as” option under the File menu, but there wasn’t. The only options it has are “save as copy” and “save as text.” Can anyone help me figure out how to save a PDF as an image?

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Look under the “export” item under the File menu—should find “export as image”

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I don’t have an “Export” item under the File menu in Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1.

I can save as text.

Adobe Photoshop can open individual pages of a PDF. From there you could save them as images one at a time.

Or, you could display an entire page of your PDF, take a screen shot (in Windows, Alt+PrtScn), and save the result to an image file. Repeat for each page. Not much better than the Photoshop approach.

Here’s a PDF-to-JPG converter that you can buy.

Or here’s an online utility that appears to be free.

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I would have said the zamzar or the PrintScrn that @robmandu mentioned .
Tho i just press PrintScrn and not Alt+PrintScrn

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Fyi: PrtScn alone captures the entire screen. Alt+PrtScn captures just the current active window.

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@robmandu I did not know that , thank you :)

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Zamzar won’t let me do it. Guess I’ll have to go with alt+prtsc. Sucks tho.

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If you’re using a Mac, open the PDF in Preview (Applications > Preview – it ships on every Mac).

File > Save As > Format: JPEG > Save.

If the document has multiple pages, it will save multiple JPEGs, so it might be worth saving them into a new folder if that’s the case.

I love Preview.

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I love Preview, too. Except I seem to end up with PDF docs that rely on Adobe-specific extensions or something. :-\

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Sorry, I assumed that “Acrobat 9.1” meant the full version, not the Reader =)

GIMP ( will also rasterize PDFs. And is a handy free image editor.

It, however, cannot deal with encrypted pdfs, so if the pdf has rights limitations set, you’re stuck with Prtsc.

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Thanks to all. I use PC, so it looks like I’ll have to download GIMP.

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In acrobat reader (even earlier versions), you can take snapshots and copy it to the clipboard. Go in Tools->Basic->Snapshot; select (draw) a rectangle. And, the snapshot is copied to the clipboard. You can then paste it in Paint or Word or Powerpoint or where you want it. (In powerpoint, to save it as a jpg picture, right click on the snapshot you’ve pasted, and click save picture, select your format jpg or png…In Paint, I guess you must be knowing)

To copy text from acrobat reader, just go in Tools->Basic->Select, select your text and copy it. You may then paste it in word.

To copy entire pdf file to clipboard, in adobe reader, go in Edit->Copy File to Clipboard. You may then paste it in word.

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prasad says: “Go in Tools->Basic->Snapshot; select (draw) a rectangle. And, the snapshot is copied to the clipboard.”

Additionally, if you have a drawing in .pdf in vector format, you can make a very detailed .jpg by zooming to 300% and copy again (Ctrl-C). Then paste (Ctrl-V) to you imaging tool and you got a very nice, detailed picture.

note: it does not matter if the rectangle is out-of screen after zooming, the copied .jpg will be just nice and full of details.

note2: by saving the resulting .jpg do not forget to set up the quality (usually is set up to 75%, more details mean larger size of the resulting .jpg file).

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Thanks dudes. This is a big help.


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Second GIMP.

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I really really really don’t like the GIMP interface. I heard a few supporters compare it to Photoshop, but I don’t understand that comparison at all. Frankly, I think the GIMP UI sucks. I use Paint.Net and find it be a lot easier to use.

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