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What's your faux pas?

Asked by Zen (7738points) July 24th, 2009

I admit to the classic: congratulated a woman on her pregnancy. She wasn’t. It won’t happen again. You?

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I extended my right hand for a handshake with a person that I didn’t realize was missing a right hand….

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@Phobia Then what happened?

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Well, he raised his arm showing he couldn’t shake hands with his right, and extended his left, kind of chuckling. It threw me off, felt embarrassed, but he seemed to have been used to it.

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i failed to notice i was blind copied a memo from my boss’s boss to his bosses that i did a “reply to all” to…he was not pleased

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@Zen, I did exactly what you did, but as an college intern on a TV show, to the high muckity-muck’s executive assistant in front of her boss, who laughed at her and said something mildly insulting to her about how she carried her weight.

Even though I begged forgiveness, she didn’t speak to me for the rest of my time there, and my segment producer supervisor kind of held it against me, too. I couldn’t get a job on that show after I graduated uni. :(

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I saw a guy at a distance who was a bit tubby with white hair and a beard and yelled “Santa Claus!” . . . he turned around and I recognized him as my teacher’s husband. Didn’t mean for him to hear me.

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Venturing out with chipped toenail polish and flip flops

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I was at this bookstore one day for a school event, and I was gonna ask a guy a question, and he didn’t answer me then I realized he was deaf.

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I hung up on my boss (the regional manager for that office) once, because he made long pauses when he talked. He was out of town on business. He wasn’t saying anything so I thought he was done. I hung up. He called back to my supervisor—pissed.

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Right here on Fluther, just a couple nights ago.

Here’s the scene. I asked a rather graphic (some might say now ‘infamous’) question about anal sex and various permutations…one facet of the question had to do with the appeal of butt plugs. Another jelly in the pro-butt plug corner wondered allowed how much they cost, with the implied intention of perhaps purchasing said item.

Well, being the helpful sort I am, I thought, “I’ll look it up”, and further I thought about where I could look such an item up, I know that Amazon sells adult toys, and I also know that if I post a link to a product on Amazon on Fluther, and someone actually follows that link and purchases something from Amazon, the mods here get some well deserved cash. So, I though, I’ll find an Amazon page and post the link as a response to the Jelly seeking to purchase this item. I did so, and then left my computer for several hours.

Much later that evening, someone asked another question about what to do with himself with the power being out, and the asker being quite a technophile, who had posted the question with his iPhone. Having just that day or the day before encountered a news story about Apple approving an iPhone app that lets users find the nearest dealer of (albeit legal, medically necessary) marijuana, and seeing that petethepothead was posting a response, I thought I would make a joke….I typed “Get stoned, apparently there’s an app for that”, knowing that the person had an iPhone, thinking I’d make a sort of double pronged joke (first, get stoned because there’s nothing better to do, and second, the famous tag line from the commercials, “there’s an app for that”). Being my helpful self, just in case anyone had NOT heard about this app, I found a link to the story, and created a hyperlink out of the words “there’s an app for that”, and pasted my link to the iPhone story.

Or so I thought. Until another Jelly asked me, @dalepetrie – why did you post a link to an Amazon page full of butt plugs?

Clearly, I had not, as I believed I had, hit ctrl-c when I had the URL for the iPhone story highlighted, and the last thing on my clipboard was the URL to the butt plug page I had used the last time I had linked to a story on Fluther.

Fortunately, I was still within the timeframe where I was able to edit my question and swap out the link for the incorrect one. But the image of someone clicking on my hyperlink, expecting something to do with getting stoned and an iPhone app, only to see a page full of butt plugs, sent me into utter hysterics. Honestly, normally I would have been embarrassed by this, but I was laughing too hard to feel any embarrassment. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe…my ribs were aching. The next night I was telling someone the story and just remembering it I broke out into hysterics.

Of course, I saved face…I explained the reason for my faux pas, and pointed out that this too would be a way to kill time with the power out.

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@dalepetrie Oh yeah, I remember that…

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I have used the term “nigger rig” when explaining something to my black friends.

No biggie, that is why we are friends.

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I asked a guy who was missing a leg if the shark got it. And it did!

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@dalepetrie How hilarious! I remember your original question. Too damn funny!

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@ChazMaz Better them than me. I find that very offensive.

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I told my boss that he had printer toner on his forehead. I made the hand gesture, implying he should wipe it away. He looked at me like I was mentally challenged and informed me that it was Ash Wednesday and he had just returned from mass.

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My elderly neighbor had someone cut down a tree in his backyard, and stacked the wood nicely on the side of his house. It stayed there for several years.
When he needed his yard cleaned, he asked if I would like the wood for my fireplace. Sure, I said. Pointing at his wheelbarrow, I asked “Can I borrow your wheelchair?”
I felt this big

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I needed to call a client by the name of Chris xxx, who I assumed was a girl because of feedbacks I gathered. I dialled. The phone rings. A person with a deep, husky voice answers.

Chris: Hello?
me: May I please speak with Ms. Chris xxx?
Chris: I am Chris.
me: (confused by the voice) Oh, sorry. I thought you were a woman.
Chris: I am a woman!
me: (Mental note: I could just die right about now!!!) Oh my! I’m sorry for the confusion. I called because blah, blah, blah…


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I ended a business phone call with a customer by saying “I love you. Goodbye”.

@dalepetrie and @jamielynn2328 You two have me rolling!

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@augustlan LOLLLLLLLLLL….....that happened to a co-worker of mine years ago. The other person said I love you, & she automatically said ‘I love you, too,’ I’ll never forget the look on her face! Hahahah

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I was at the church that my family frequents for some function, and there was a brand new pastor. I wasn’t feeling well that day, but decided to tough it out, and my wife came up with another annoying (at the time) question about something I didn’t give two shits about. I turned to her and said, a little too loudly,“Oh, jesus fucking christ, give it a fucking rest already, will ya?” Then I saw the new pastor standing no more than a few feet away, wearing a look of shock at my less than stellar behavior in his new church. I felt even worse after that, and very embarrassed.

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