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Are there Male/Female equivalents for every name?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) January 8th, 2008

Where can I find said equivalents?

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Probably not. Consider that some names are ambiguous: Chris, Pat (SNL routine) so the M/F are the same.

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Christopher/Christine Patricia/Patrick
The nicknames are the same but the names aren’t.

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That’s assuming someone is given the name “Christopher” or “Christine” but if a parent names a kid “Chris” then “Chris” is the kids name, so “Chris” is a name without M/F equivalent.

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There are probably not equivalents for every name, but I bet you can find a lot of them in baby name books/internet lists.

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There are a lot of wacky names out there. I knew a girl once named “Destiny.” Or how about old-fashioned girl names like “Chastity” or “Prudence”? It’s hard to think of male equivalents to those.

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male equivalent of “Chastity” is “Player”
male equivalent of “Prudence” is “Gambler”
and…male equivalent of “Destiny” is “Doomed.”

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@christybird—there’s also the Matrix character: Trinity. :-)

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