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How do you edit something in the middle of a word when typing on an iPhone?

Asked by RedStateBlues (4points) July 28th, 2009

For example, if I accidentally type “I will meetyou at 8,” I can’t figure out how to back and add a space between “meet” and “you” without deleting “you.”

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You have to try and use your finger and click in between meet and you. When you hold down, a little magnifying glass will appear, and then you can move the cursor to where you want.

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Hold down on the screen. Drag the circle (magnifying glass) tot he position you want to edit.

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Make sure you’ve upgraded to 3.0 software. I don’t know for sure, but I think the click-and-drag thing is a new feature they added along with copy-and-paste.

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@MrItty Yes the click and drag has been added in OS version 3.0 but what @RedStateBlues needs has been in the iPhone software since day one. It’s called the magnifying loop or something like that. Press and hold, then when the loop appears, without letting go, move your finger around the text to edit a specific place without deleting anything.

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@MrItty No problem ! : )

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