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Is Ron Paul a racist, bigoted homophobe?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) January 8th, 2008

Or does he just employ racist, bigoted homophobes to write on his behalf in his newsletters? See this article and share your opinion.

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Here ketoneus, Ill even copy and paste the “racist” comments from the article.

released excerpts stating that “opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions,” that “if you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be,” and that black representative Barbara Jordan is “the archetypical half-educated victimologist” whose “race and sex protect her from criticism.”

Are these really “racist”??

No more racist than Obamas church.
We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black
A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA.

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This is the ONLY “dirt” you will dig up on Dr. Paul. His voting record and principles have been consistent throughout his whole career.

Even if you dont agree with his solutions, he points out the true problems, is NOT part of the Council on Foreign Relations (like every other “front-runner”), and stands for individual freedom and liberty. Why are you people so against that?? Seems like you are afraid of REAL change.

Its funny, most people vote with their wallet. Have you researched the (NOT) Federal Reserve. It has been around less than 100 years. It is finally catching up to us. The dollar is now worth $.04 as opposed to when it started. How is your candidate gonna fix that. The Amero??

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And instead of knit-picking 3 little statements from the many newsletters published, how about showing both sides of the newsletter and post some of the POSITIVE things he has published or done.

Im sure you dont care to. Find and talk about the negative, but not the positive.

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And im sure keeping the war going and your govt contracts is giving you and our company some nice bonus’ huh?

I dont like to assume, but my guess is your a war-mongering, John McCain loving, Sean Hannity listening, neo-con??

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Now chris, no need to go around bashing John McCain and Sean Hannity, each of whom have some commonalities with Mr. Paul. And I would hesitate before I go personally attacking someone like John McCain who is a genuine war hero, suffering imprisonment and torture for his service in our military.

And ketoneus, there are bad apples in every barrel. Should we judge the Clintons by Carville? Obama by Tony Rezko?

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Hey Chris. Thanks for your responses. The freedom to have open political discourse on sites like Fluther is what makes this country great.

To your last comment, you actually couldn’t be further from the truth. With the (embarrassing) exception of voting for Ronald Reagan in 1984 during my kindergarten’s mock election in 1984, I’m a life-long Democrat. Fox News is blocked on my TV. I’m still struggling to figure out who to support in the Democratic primary. I think I like Bill Richardson’s platform the best, but recognized from the beginning that his run was futile. He’ll make a great VP or SecState, though. I’ve also vehemently opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. I didn’t believe Dubya’s assertion of WMDs or what ever his cause-for-the-war-of-the-week has been ever since.

I’ll humbly admit that I am but a small cog in my company. My knowledge of all of my company’s technologies and accounts is not vast. I spend my time trying to keep our web site up and running, with a usable interface and high rankings in search engines. We do have government accounts, but our equipment is primarily used by telecom companies like AT&T, Qwest, etc. It’s very likely that this data interchange between you, me and the rest of the Flutherites is moving, at least in a small part, across one of my company’s pieces of equipment.

I grew up in the south and was unfortunately raised to not be sensitive to race issues. Luckily, in my early 20s, I woke up to my very backwards views and have since then have kept a much more open mind, and have been much more sensitive to racist sentiments, remarks, etc.

Even if Mr. Paul is not a conscious racist, the comments you quoted above and others in the article are insensitive at the very least. It’s impossible for me to read some of the other quotes, like “Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks” [in reference to the 1992 riots] as anything but overtly racist.

As far as Mr. Paul’s voting record and other views are concerned, I will grant that he has been consistent. I just personally don’t agree with any of his views. I think treaty organizations and open trade are critical to world peace. I don’t believe in vouchers. I believe health care is a right, not a privilege. I believe in a woman’s right to control what happens or grows inside her own body. I believe the Federal Reserve plays a critical role in helping to stabilize our economy, though I admit that, as seen in all predictive sciences, that it is not right 100% of the time. But it still does a decent job.

Mr. Paul is right about the war in Iraq, but this does not override the other areas where I disagree with him.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post. And thanks again for your feedback. Your voice helps to keep Fluther an interesting, dynamic site.

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I have respect for McCain for what you said. I know about that stuff. I dont respect him for saying that we could stay there for 100 years. I also think he is to macho to admit defeat. Not that we are necessarily going to lose the war, but what are we going to win??

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Chris, you quoted Paul as saying:
Barbara Jordan is “the archetypical half-educated victimologist” whose “race and sex protect her from criticism.”
And then YOU said:
Are these really “racist”????

OMG (yes i just said OMG) anybody calling Barbara Jordan “half-educated” and accusung her of hiding behind her sex and race is at least racist and at most an imbecile. Paul’s an idiot if he doesn’t recognize Jordan as a pioneer in not only African-American and female but underprivileged representation in this country.
I had the honor to speak directly with Rep Jordan many years ago and let me tell you, it was like being in the presence of a sage. The wisdom that exhumed form her was intoxicating. I entered the room extremely nervous and left with the greatest sense of calm. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
And how “half-educated” is a law degree from Boston University?? Paul’s an Idiot
I would suggest you not spread defamation of Ms. Jordan here or I will have to come see you in Jersey and kick you in the 6–1-3–7!

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Hey, he got the “Stormfront” endorsement, right? If you can appeal all the way across the board from rabid white supremacists to the semiliterate working class, well, you must be a real Man of the People.

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Somebody is in love…can you feel it.

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@chris6137 wrote: “And instead of knit-picking 3 little statements from the many newsletters published, how about showing both sides of the newsletter and post some of the POSITIVE things he has published or done.”

Unfortunately there are very few parts of that newsletter series that are available in the public record. Only a few are publicly quoted and reprinted, which many of the widely-read racist quotes came from. Because his news letter was rather obscure (as he was not in office when he produced it) with only about 7,000 subscriptions, it is very difficult to gauge the full extent of his unedited, pre-campaign views. I would like to see what else he had to write, or hire people write, in in his self-titled newsletter. Why doesn’t he make that public?

The bottomline is that if an “indpendent” with some extreme views is to run a viable campaign they are going to have control their message on certain topics they may have spoken more loosely about before. Who is the real Ron Paul? His campaign should be transparent with his previous public writings and and make them available, or someone should come forward and do so.

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Here is Paul’s response to the New Republic article. He didn’t actually write the racist statements. “For over a decade, I have publicly taken moral responsibility for not paying closer attention to what went out under my name.” So, to answer your somewhat leading question, no, Ron Paul is not a racist, bigoted homophobe.

@Chris—You really aren’t doing Ron Paul any favors by trying to minimize statements that are, indeed, overtly racist. You can’t overlook someone’s unacceptable views (if these had actually been his views—and it’s fair to question these statements) by pointing out their views on other, unrelated issues.

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Ron Paul: Blithely Ignorant For Over A Decade. (No, I don’t believe it, either.)

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I wish people would stop talking, on every side, about winning wars. Wars are never won, the act of making war is itself a defeat, there are only relative degrees of losing. It’s a lot like divorce.

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No more so than Hillary or Obama but we can’t say that as they are minorities and we all know minorities are not racist,they are only victims and have every right to shout down whitey and the male dominant establishment. They can say wha tthey want and noone will really quesiton it for fear of being labeled a racist.

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I have to agree that I have to pause before making a comment concerning what people call race now, and indeed for the very reason that being a white male making the comment is almost guaranteeing me a racist label. And if the comment is not supportive of their desires and opinions, it DOES guarantee me the label.

Personally, I disagree with my government even acknowledging the existence of ‘race’. It’s the equivalent to a subspecies on the zoological taxonomy, and I see way more evidence to there being no such divisions amongst homo sapiens sapiens than evidence of races.

The fact that the government asserts that we are objectively split into these classifications only furthers the application of the classifications. Can’t expect them to be ignored and disappear if you have to mark a box on every form that you are one of the classifications.

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