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What will be the next internet fad?

Asked by FrogOnFire (719points) July 28th, 2009

Right now, social networking and photo/video sharing are popular…what do you think will be next?

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The thing is, social networking and photo/video sharing are not fads. They have assimilated to become part of the internet as a whole.

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Google Wave.

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They’re coming up with this technology that lets you play the most advanced games, even console games, on a computer, no matter how cruddy it is. First, you buy this device that you plug into a broadband connection that negotiates with the server and all that. Then, you buy the game or something. Then, that data is exchanged between the servers at Whatever HQ. As you play the game, each movement is sent to the server, the server reenacts that movement as if you were playing the game there, captures the video, and sends it back to you, to make it seem like you were playing it right there on your computer.

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Smell-o-vision for computers.

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@raynerape what is Google Wave?

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Something we don’t need but most will want.

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the dark side is going to make its office apps accessible via the web, i.e. no local install will be required (so claims the dark side but we no better than to believe that!)

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Google wave, Augmentet reality

…going offline? :)

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@Fred931 You’re of course speaking of Onlive, which I personally don’t think will be a “fad”.

Particularly considering Onlive and Onlive-esque services will be offering full programs a la Photoshop (which we all know takes an insane amount of time to load up), there is a high possibility that they will be a natural extension of the internet; the next wave. I believe they, once they hit and are perfected, will be here to stay.

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4chan mob attacks.

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i dont think onlive will work for years google wave looks quite good and it will probably become the next ‘fad’ but i dont think any of these things are fads at all.

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@Grisaille, I’m sure some would say yes. ;-)

You would think they could light a fire under this health care debacle.

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Don’t anyone say anything, but I have it on very good authority that porn is about to become quite prevalent on the net.


@kevbo. . .Here. For You.

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The ability for everyone to not only choose songs for a playlist…but to make them! So many have become famous off the internet and MySpace, so why not make it possible for Joe Schmoe to create his own music? That way, we’re guarenteed to only hear what we like! =)

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Teh Vestibule

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Google Wave is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I want. I’d love it if I had my own something that replaced my blogging sites, facebook, email, etc. and gave me a centralized location for all of my data that could be accessible from any number of electronic devices.

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Three dimensional video viewing and some kind of virtual reality plug-in via your USB port along with the needed accessories to make the experience complete.

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Facebook. IMO, MySpace is going down the drain already. Facebook will be next. Then we might bask in the addiction of a new social networking site that will eventually and obviously be created/sponsored by Google (or at least the search engine will be).

But I agree with what someone said above: Social networking sites will not die out anytime soon. On the contrary, they are shaping the internet as a whole (and as an indirect result making people fatter).

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Ben Levi

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First off, I agree that social networking and photo/video sharing are not fads, they are adopted mechanisms for communication using our internet. Lolcats, that’s a fad.

I think the next evolution in digital communication will be along the lines of Google Wave (do a Google Search for it if you’d like to find more info), focusing on making it very easy to share all of this information we create but extending past the bounds that Facebook currently has.

I am also a big believer in the potential of the portable computer, so I think the above will be done in combination with a new computing system or style in which we can wear and use the computer while doing our other activities. Imagine, recording your action and knowledge to share with others without having to setup or configure (or even hold) the equipment or process the video yourself – all you need to do is launch the camera, start recording, and it’ll do all the rest for you. Currently there is a huge dump of information going on on sites like Youtube, but the one disadvantage is that some people still don’t know how to use computers, or how to record, etc. If the burden of this was removed, we would be able to gather even more precise and ancient information.

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@dynamicduo I’ve been trying to say that since the beginning.

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Yeah, more and more ways to represent yourself as a person will arise, as well as any type of sharing, growing, bonding, and staying busy.

Onlive scares me and thrills me at the same time, because it’s one step closer to everyone relying on a supercomputer to communicate/coordinate.

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Opera Unite, if they fix it, hype it, and generally make it better.

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