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No money, got a date, what to do?

Asked by Point5r (142points) July 28th, 2009

I have a first date with a really nice girl who I’m definitely in to, and I know she likes me, but there’s one problem, it’s very close to pay day and therefore, I am completely out of money.

I have some petrol in the car, so I can get to places, but I literally have an empty bank account, does anyone have any suggestions? I’m in Kent in the UK if that helps?

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I live in the states but around here there’s usually a solid amount of free outdoor concerts to go to, but you’re date may expect to pay for lunch and snacks etc. My suggestion, tell her you’re radiator is acting up, and you have to take it into the shop to for a tune up, and postpone the date until the day you get payed.

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or borrow ten bucks from a friend, take her to a park, make sandwiches, bring a camera, buy her some ice cream, simple, but a nice way to spend an afternoon together.

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Do not tell her any lies. That is a lousy way to start a relationship.

The picnic-in-the-park idea sounds good. When I was young, my first boyfriends and I never had money. We took walks, went to the beach, went to outdoor art exhibits and free concerts—all kinds of things. Some of them might be the same kind of inexpensive outings that families with young children do. It’s the company that’s important.

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Find a free event of some sort, pack a picnic lunch from what you have at home and have a good time.

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Check the local listings for concerts in the park or public events. Most are free here in the US. Not sure about your neck of the woods.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 thanks for the advice, will probably find a decent park, or just go for a stroll through town, we bot agreed we just want to have a chance to chat sober, as I first spoke to her last night, where every drink was £1….we were both slurring a bit, but the texts today is where we actually organised everything.

@Dog Certain parts of England have loads of that sort of stuff going on, but the ones near me are few and far between, until the English weather realises its supposed to be summer and stops raining…

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Please send some of that rain to Southern California.

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ditto southern Texas

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It seems mad to me that you guys want rain…believe me, if I could send you some rain, and I could have your sun for even a week, that would be excellent. Just need to find where I put my god powers now…

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Have a picnic! :)

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Now, I know this sounds pretty dorky, but you could, if you can find someone who has an iPhone or a GPS, go geocaching—but call it “treasure hunting”. It tends to help on the dates, I’ve found.

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If you have a digital camera, try to visit a bunch of interesting places such as the park, the mall, landmarks, etc. Take pictures next to statues, take pictures with strangers, foreigners, odd pieces of art… etc. Just make it fun. I’ve done this with friends on boring nights and it’s been a load of fun. Not to mention if you two hit it off well then you can always look back on your crazy first date together.

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See if she’ll let you cook dinner at your place. Then you can buy ingredients dirt ass cheap and throw something together. And at that point, she’s already at your place. The hard part is done. Mix some wine into your dinner, and you’ll be hearing “i don’t normally do this…” in a few hours.

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@kellsworth Haha, good one :)
When I had a GF we also didn’t have much money to go around. Ditto we went to park festivals, free exhibitions.
Cooking dinner is a real PLUS! But do it only if you can, or are good at at least 1 delicious dish. It shows you have taste, you know how to take care of yourself (and others), and it’s just nice to give someone something that they can enjoy.
The going to places and take pics is great to, I still have a pic of one of the first times I met her… photos are always fun.

Also I got this tip once: “don’t go to a fancy restaurant, pick an average one”.
1. You’re not going to keep this date-style up.. unless you’re loaded.
2. You don’t want to have dinner too long, you just want to leave the place and go somewhere or do something together. Dinner is more of an ice breaker and most of the enjoyable moments happen after it.

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@kellsworth best idea yet… don’t know why I didn’t think of that the first time around. ga lol

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@kellsworth Great idea, but trust me, sometimes not even I want to eat my cooking…and I’m not a fussy eater! Might use that one if we get any more dates, I love cooking with someone, and you can start the wine before you eat, put some music on you both like and have a really good laugh.

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