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Any good tips for tie dying?

Asked by deni (22607points) July 28th, 2009

i tie dyed for the first time yesterday. i used a kit which may or may not have been not the best way to do it. im not disappointed with the way the shirts came out but the colors are not vibrant. i like bright, bold colors and i dont know what to do differently next time. any tips?

also, i rinsed them about 14 hours after dying them. the kit said the longer you left them sit, the deeper the colors would be. it suggested 8 hours. i rinsed them in cold water last night and then washed them today real quick. maybe some of that has something to do with it?

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Using a dye fixer, like alum, will help prevent the dye from washing out (and thus, fading) really fast.

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You have to wash the items first, before you dye them, because new things have a starchy filler in them to keep them fresh while being shipped.

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Try this brand of dye.

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Oh dear, when I first read this question, I thought it said “any good tips for dying?” That would have been so much more interesting a question.

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@daloon i was wondering what inspired your other question! i feel like i just stumbled upon one of The Secrets of Daloon’s Awesome Questions

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Take the thing you want to tye die, put many, many rubberbands on and then tye die in bright colors. It will be beautiful!

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