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What's a cheap and easy way to 'winterize' windows of your home?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) January 9th, 2008

I’ve got some rather large single-pane windows in my house and it gets freaking cold because they can’t keep the heat in (or the cold out). What should I do? Any suggestions?

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Have you tried using 3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit (Plastic film you place over the window and use a blow dryer to make it taught) which can be purchased at Home Depot or hardware store? Its fairly inexpensive and effective.

Other things you can try would be to weatherstrip around windows and doors. Also make sure you are not blocking any of your supply and return vents in the house with your furniture, that can cause poor air circulation and make your house seem colder and not allow your furnace to run efficiently too.

These are all very low cost improvements you can do.

Good Luck!


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Thanks robhaya, I’ll give that a shot for sure!

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@robhaya -totally agree.

Right now at any super store you will find an aisle of the window/door kits, rubber/foam seal and caulking——all ready to select and go.

I’d check aroung for gaps in your electrical outlets while you’re at it. Since you need to pick upi the window kits, you caould also get a can of expanding foam (comes in several varieties by a handful of makers) and seal up tight before the weather gets too cold.

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