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What is the best way to dry out my rugby boots before tomorrows practice?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) January 9th, 2008

My boots are soaked from yesterday’s practice. I have them outside getting a tiny bit of sun. I don’t own a hairdryer. =(

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On the radiators.

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I always dry my football shoes by stuffing them with (old) newspapers, then putting them on the radiator or in the sun.

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Light them on fire.

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microwave or hair dryer

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dont put them in front of a fire, itll melt the plastic.

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like vin, i stick newspaper and baking soda in them, and put them on a heater/vent/in the sun.

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Put some kind of powder that will absorb most of the moisture. Then place them in a warm (not hot) place.

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