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Do I take the stickers off my RAM?

Asked by rovdog (842points) July 29th, 2009

This may be a simple question but haven’t done too many hardware upgrades. The new RAM has stickers on it. Do I take them off? I see internal components with stickers all the time so I’m guessing it’s not necessary but wanted to make sure. Oh, it’s a G5 dual Mac, though probably not relevant.

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nice, i have a g5 dual mac too. I never took the stickers off of mine – i dont think you’re supposed to. Its the only way i can see to keep track of the serial numbers and all that other good stuff.

i’ve upgraded the RAM some years ago and never had a problem, so it doesn’t seem to mess it up.

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The stickers usually identify the build of the RAM, right? I think all that taking them off would do is make it a little more difficult to identify the model in the future… What do the stickers say?

It should make any difference with the performance of the computer, but there’s not much reason to.

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You can if you want, but there’s no real reason to.

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They say “Corsair Value Select” indicating to anyone looking into my G5 that I am cheap. Then they have a serial number and a bar code. It’s a big sticker spread across the top surface of the chip

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I was thinking heat dissipation and all that… but what do I know. The expensive RAM that I didn’t buy had like vents for heat dissipation and stuff. But i went for “value select”

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Generally you should leave the stickers on your computer parts if they are flush with the device and have important information (serial number, for example) about the device.

I can’t imagine a sticker being much of an issue with heat dissipation, so I would definitely leave the sticker there, in case you ever need the serial number.

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Ok, thanks guys. I will leave it on.

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Leave the stickers on. They identify the component without having to read lasered serial numbers under a magnifying glass.

Not to mention that the RAM chip will be horribly sticky and become a dust magnet. (This is one case I’d recommend that you don’t sponge off the glue with water.)

Enjoy your upgrade!

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Leave them on. You may want them later to identify them, and most of the time removing the stickers voids the warranty

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OK thanks guys… Stickers are in there. Up to 4 Gb, next month maybe I’ll take it up to 6.

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The only reason I’d remove the sticker would be to place heat sinks on your ram. Usually if you’re going to overclock your RAM significantly you’d buy the good stuff with heat sinks already attached anyway.

Usually after a significant amount of use the sticker will fall off anyway due to the glue melting away.

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