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Know of any good simple tv stands for LCD/Plasma?

Asked by derek93 (2points) January 9th, 2008

I received a nice new 47in LCD for Chirstmas/house warming and immediately put it on a stand that looks like it is going to topple over. Now I’m scared. Can anyone direct me to a decent (wooden) stand? I have a rather large center channel speaks so I’m leaning towards one that has 3 sections on the base. Would like to keep the cost hopefully under $300(?). Thanks.

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Mounting the TV on a wall would solve the problem of it tipping over, and one of my personal favorites; In case of burglary the villains would leave the tv behind because un-mounting it would take too much time!

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Yeah, maybe down the line but I’m still going to get one for all the components. If anyone is looking for one and doesn’t have a price limit like mine these look great:

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