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What should I do about my TV / Blu-Ray player Sound issues?

Asked by gambitking (4206points) June 3rd, 2014

I have a 32” HDTV in my bedroom, hooked up to a basic Blu Ray Player (among other things) via HDMI cable. But when I watch movies on it, the dialogue sound is really soft but the effects and music are loud.

So I found out that the solution lies in being able to control the sound channels – such as center and peripheral channels – as with a sound system. But I have no idea what to get that would remedy this.

Do I need a full system? Do I need a receiver? Can i get by with just a Sound Bar? I have no idea, so can anyone advise me?

My budget for this is about $150.

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You need a full system and I do not know of any speakers and amps for under $100.

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Your TV should be able to make better sense of it but… apparently not.
Are there different sound modes available on the TV?

If you go with a sound bar or amp/speakers make sure your TV has an audio ouput that is compatible. If you can, use optical digital audio out from the TV to the amp/bar.
A soundbar or amp/speakers will probably sound way better than the TV anyway once you get them to work.

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