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Where do you buy computer parts online?

Asked by ailijic (5points) July 30th, 2009

I am looking for online sites that sell computer parts.
I know:

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+1 for Newegg
-100000 for TigerDirect

barumonkey's avatar will often have great deals on computer equipment (among many other things), as long as you’re willing to wait for a good deal to come along.

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I’m a big fan of newegg when for buying. Reviews are key to buying a good product. However, I always keep my eyes on and for good deals.

Just make sure to check newegg and amazon for reviews before you buy anything, Ignoring reviews is a sure way to get burned.

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I always go with Newegg. I’ve never had a problem (yet) with them.

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Same. Always newegg. I don’t see any reason to go elsewhere.

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I’ve bought from Tigerdirect in the past, and they’re alright (in their actual, physical store), but I don’t buy computer parts regularly and I happen to live near a Tigerdirect store.

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We always buy from CDW. They are not just for big companies either. Check out the Home Office section

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+5 for newegg.

Also OWC for RAM and such. +5 for them since they were my internet providers when I was 14.

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newegg, good service, good prices; a good combo

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newegg, cdw, dell

newegg and dell are preferred most the time but CDW is very reputable and comparable, their search functions are terrible though.

Dell has great computer stuff for sell at great prices, from all kinds of vendors.

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I watch the Lifehacker and Gizmodo Deals of the Day items. They’re most often at Newegg, but they can have some surprising stores.

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NEWEGG for the win.

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I shop around. I have had some rotten experiences with Tiger, but their warehouse is 10 miles away, and if I order something from them, I often get it the next day without paying for 1-day shipping. That’s makes them worth dealing with despite their sins.

Newegg is very good for almost anything mainstream. Best Buy should be burned to the ground and the ashes hauled off to a toxic dump.

This place

is good if what you’re looking for is in stock. They deal mainly with closeouts and refurbs, so you can get very good prices if you’re lucky.

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”...Best Buy should be burned to the ground and the ashes hauled off to a toxic dump.”


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NEWEGG For new items, ebay if you feel computer savy enough to buy used; [ buy smaller items new or locally.]

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look at then type in the product name.

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