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My teeth are rotten and nearly gone. I would like implants but they cost around $1000 per tooth. I have about $3000 ... What can I do (USA)

Asked by onemorego (2points) July 30th, 2009

I have looked into dental discount plans, insurance, and even thought about pro bono or barter. I just want them fixed. I can’t eat, it sucks to smile (imagine your life without smiling.) What can I do? Unfortunately my credit score is very low (around 500 fico) but I do make pretty decent money and could afford a $500 or so payment per month. This is my top priority. How can I just get them fixed and pay as I go or get some help?

Edit—when I say my teeth…I do mean like all of them. I need about 24 of them tfixed or extracted, have had 4 abcessess, and most are either decayed or broken.

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Had to get dentures over 10 years ago. I have a full upper and I love it! It’s easy to take care of, comfortable. The only downfall was in order for the denture to fit perfectly I had to wait 6 weeks for the swelling to completely go down. Had all my teeth pulled at once! I love it though!

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Go for false teeth a.k.a dentures

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If you need a full set of implants then it is going to be expensive. An alternative to getting every tooth replaced is to insert 4–6 implants per jaw and then attach a denture bridge to the implants. The results are good and the cost is significantly less than having a full mouth of implants however it will be more expensive than a premium cosmetic denture.

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You could become a Three Tooth Fiend! (Sorry, it’s the best Google gave me searching for “three teeth” or “three tooth”.)

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You could always go the DIY path…

I remember seeing a show on 20/20 or something similar a few years back that had a guy on there who did his own dental work and used rocks as teeth replacements! Believe it or not he supposedly did his own extraction, grinding, fitting, and implanting. Not sure I would recommend something like that though

EDIT: His teeth looked surprisingly good for a DIY job

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i would just like to wish you luck. cant you get those things that they put over your teeth veneers? but maybe they are expensive and i dont even know how they work.

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Go to Mexico. My sister got her teeth fixed for about 1,000 dollars and they were pretty bad too. I don’t know where in the US you are but if you’re within driving distance from any Mexican border it might be worth the drive. Otherwise, you’re going to pay a lot in the US.

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Cardboard and tippex , you could even have different teeth everyday with marker pens . And no brushing ever again

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I’d say call your closest dental school & see if you can’t get a deal there. But sandystrachan is right. Forget the implants & get dentures. Have your bottom eye teeth ground off to the gum line so they can cement snaps on them. They snap into the bottom plate & they fit great. That’s what my husband did. The bottoms are harder to keep secure than the top is & the snaps insure they stay good & tight. I wish you luck.

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I, too, would check out dental schools. However, my husband has happily had dentures since he was in his twenties – he ruined his teeth playing football and then joined the Navy. He doesn’t like his lowers, but he loves his uppers.

There are many dentists who will design a payment plan, or who will accept a credit card payment. All you can do is ask.

However, false teeth or implants, either way, you need to get any infected teeth out of your head sooner rather than later. Mouth health really impacts overall health, and infections in your mouth can lead to heart infections, lung infections, inflammation, and even whole body sepsis.

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i had several teeth where there were no adult teeth, just the baby teeth. baby teeth have short roots that deteriorate and when i was about 30 these teeth got loose and it was time for them to go (i knew that would happen – dentist predicted it when i was little). anyway, i went to columbia dental school in new york city (i live near new york city) and the price was about half what it would have been from a regular dentist. the people that do the work are adults who have been through many years of dental school, and have specialized in the periodontal field, so they’re not like just starting and you’re the guinea pig. they did great work.

the nice thing about implants is that you never get cavities in them, and they function just like regular teeth, so there’s no worrying about what you can and cannot eat. you don’t see wires or anything, they’re great and i always highly recommend implants to people who need teeth replaced.

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1) Try dental schools
2) Ask for a consult (they’re often free) with an esthetic dentist. They could potentially do veneers on major teeth that are showing – this will tide you over, they’ll look great (celebrities get these) and buy you some time while you address the critical medical issues, like abscesses first and save money for the implants

Also, in the meantime you could wind up getting a different dental insurance (job change, etc) that would cover ‘restorative dentistry’ or at least part of it – which would lower your costs in the long term.

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