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Does 'wii fit 'really keep you fit and trim?

Asked by tractorgirl (15points) July 30th, 2009

who thinks that wii fit keeps you fit and trim and who thinks its just another game?

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It may not be a super workout system, or anywhere near going to the gym. But, if you play hard enough, it’s sure to keep you slimmer than vegging out playing the average video game will…

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If you follow the rules yeah, if you don’t then you will stay fat

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I believe I did read a long term review. Here it is.

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The thing with Wii is, it’s only as much of a workout as you want it to be.

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I agree with @Sarcasm. In general, the amount of intensive exercise you do by using it versus going for a bike ride is far less, however being fit is generally a matter of burning calories, so if you biked for 10 minutes versus playing Wii Fit for an hour, you’d probably be close to the same amount of calories burned. There are advantages and disadvantages to both high intensity and low intensity exercises as well. In general though, I am of the opinion that it should be viewed as a game and not as a workout routine, and anyone purchasing it intending to lose more than 5 pounds will be disappointed.

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Like any other exercise program it only works if you use it and you still have to watch your diet.
I love my wii fit!

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My only problem with it is, my mom bought a Wii and a Wii Fit for my son for his birthday, and I was REALLY looking forward to using it as part of a regular workout regime, because it’s actually a fun way to get some activity/exercise that a fat fuck like me actually can do, will do, and will stick to. But I’m going about 380 these days, and the damn thing won’t work if you’re over 330. So, for me to even get into shape, I have to get into shape first. Seems counter intuitive to me to make a game to help people get in shape if it doesn’t work for people who are actually out of shape. But what the hell do I know?

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Ohh dear dalepetrie, you made me laugh my ass off

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Ridiculous. Just go outside and exercise. Go to the gym. Do something…. video games are not the answer.

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@NaturalMineralWater It’s not reasonable to have fun and burn calories?

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@Sarcasm Sounds like an excuse to play a video game to me. It’s akin (imho) to buying a workout dvd that you never will watch.

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If you are already an active person then Wii Fit is just for fun.
If you never move at all then this is probably a nice way to get you moving.

For the active people EA Sports Active’s will give you probably more of a challange.

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@NaturalMineralWater Moreso an excuse to do something (subjectively) fun while doing something (subjectively) boring.

Ever watch TV while ironing shirts?
Ever listen to the radio while driving?

Same idea. I’m sorry you think so negatively about video games that even exercise added to them don’t cheer you up.

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@NaturalMineralWater – I can tell you honestly as a fat, lazy American slob, I don’t enjoy physical activity, never really have. As you get less active, you get bigger, you get bigger, it gets even harder to be active…it’s a vicious cycle. So though I’m very intelligent and know that the “answer” is to “go out and get some exercise”, I’m not motivated to do it, because it causes me physical pain and/or discomfort. However, if something comes along to make it enjoyable, I will do it. So, I do find myself playing the Wii Sports games, and getting a pretty good workout while doing them…I’d LOVE to be able to use the fit board, because I don’t like feeling sluggish and unmotivated all the time. It’s basically a fun way to get some exercise, I get more out of it than just pumping weights or going for a walk, I can be entertained while I get some exercise. So, it’s NOT like a workout video I would never look at, because I KNOW I would never look at a workout DVD, they’ve never appealed to me, I don’t find it fun to exercise in a self directed fashion, I sure as HELL ain’t gonna find it fun to have someone telling me what to do every step of the way. But if I can watch my big TV and get a score which I can later try to beat, it actually motivates me. May not be for you, but don’t judge others if it helps them.

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I don’t think so because you really should be getting fresh air while jogging or playing a sport and, jogging in place really dosn’t help. Go outside and play, have fun, and be healthy.

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@pizzaman How do you feel about yoga? Or weight training?
Neither of those include fresh air regularly, and typically are done basically staying in the same place.

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I have to admit i love my wii fit and its so easy to jump on and do something to get my blood pumping.

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Wii fit, and anything for that matter, will work great for weight loss and general health as long as it gets your heart rate up adequately for an extended period of time, promotes coordination, and some strength training. The Wii Fit can definitely do this, but in my opinion is not the best option, but not a terrible option either.

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