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What are some fun ways to workout?

Asked by Alleycat8782 (779points) June 7th, 2009

I am currently trying to lose some weight and would like some suggestions on some fun and interesting ways to shed some pounds.

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workout with friends is always fun, like play some of your favorite sports together or like hit the gym while listening to your favorite music :) hope I helped

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Get Netflix and do some of their Watch Instantly dance workouts. They’re so fun. Maybe play some DDR. Get some friends and join a gym. Maybe even take dance lessons. The tango is a sure way to get into super shape!

Don’t forget to eat healthy!!

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This is probably the most fun way to work out sexercise

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sex is a workout. always fun. ;)

the Wii? i have a game called Samba de Amigo, really gets you moving. and there’s always Wii Fit.

::EDIT:: damn, he beat me to it.

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They have a new game for wii, called Active something. It’s pretty worthy of workout status.

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Swimming, basketball, biking, and skateboarding is what I do.

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I am glad nobody wrote only running because I hate it.

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You mean besides sex?

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@Alleycat8782: Lol, I started to write about running, but then I thought, “you know, running is only fun for certain people, and if you’re one of them, you probably already know it…” ;-)

This might be along the same lines, but I had a lot of fun today on a hike with my mom in a gorgeous sunny, but shady park. We ran part of it, but hiked the steepest parts. I really enjoyed most of the seven miles. Whew. Okay, typing…is becoming… too much effort…

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Run around at a playground. srsly

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I am not fond of running either, but it works!!!

Tennis is my favorite thing, take some lessons and learn to play singles well. You get a fantastic workout and have real fun doing it. It doesn’t even seem like exercise!

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The funnest way to work out is to play. If that’s riding bikes, swimming, volleyball, or chasing kids around a playground it is all movement and that’s what working out is. What ever you can do that is active and that you enjoy is best.

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I dropped 14 pounds, 2 inches off my waist, and 53 points off my cholesterol over 40 days while doing yoga.

I was stuck at 165 lbs for a couple years. I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, but I wanted to lose a couple inches off my waist. My local yoga studio offered an instructor-led version of the 40-day program in Baron Baptiste’s book. They charged $200, which was slightly more than the normal price for 47 days of unlimited yoga classes by their staff of great teachers, most of whom were trained by the author, but for about $15, you could get similar results at home. Baron breaks it down into about 6 weeks. Each week focuses on a specific dietary change, meditation, and breaks down the yoga poses for each week’s practice. The practice starts at 15 minutes a day and works up to 90 minutes a day.

You get out what you put in. I may have gone a little overboard by doing all the practices at the studio, which were 75 minutes each. By the end, I was doing up to three practices in a day. Strength, stamina, a calm mind, a new way of eating, and a much healthier body are the main things I received from it.

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Make a friend do it with you. Everybody knows they look stupid when working out, so do it with a friend to not look as stupid

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Buy $60 worth of topsoil, $10 of compost, and $20 of pressure treated lumber and make yourself a garden that will give you veggies and a workout for years.
Those bags are heavy. Don’t let the kid put them in the car for you. Do it yourself. That’s the point

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Spin classes, pilates. Both are great workouts.

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@casheroo I don’t see the word “fun” in either of those!!!~

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Mixed Martial Arts or just straight Jujitsu is so much fun and it is phenomenal way to lose weight. I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks of training, when I was just starting.

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with friends or just do what drclaw said

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Thanks everyone for all of your input!

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Go out dancing but only drink water, no alcohol or soda.

I lost 60 pounds rehearsing for a musical.

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@Darwin ; That’s how Marie Osmond lost hers too (dancing with the stars.)

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When I want to have “fun” and get exercise I play my favorite sport. But when I’m at the gym and I want to work out I don’t normally think about having fun. But to stay motivated I think about all the athletes I admire, and try to envision their workouts in my head. I imagine them working hard to achieve their fitness goals and that motivates me to stay focused. I also imagine what I want my body to look like as I’m running to avoid stopping early.

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Remember to always mix it up. Doing something different almost everyday will continue to confuse your body and encourages more weight loss.

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I want to tell you all that another great workout is called Zumba. It’s a Latin American dance workout, it’s amazing and a ton of fun!

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