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Legitimate event ticket sites?

Asked by Jeruba (55854points) July 31st, 2009

I’ve never bought tickets online before except to the local cinema. I want to get some tickets to the Ringling Brothers Circus when it comes to town in August.*

Are there any sites you’d recommend or warn against? Am I ok buying from, say, TicketZoom? Why are they so much cheaper? Is there any question of authenticity? How come they have tickets and TicketMaster doesn’t?

Any advice and recommendations appreciated. I want to order right away.

* I can be highly suggestible. I’m reading Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen, and it made me want to go.

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I’ve recently used and had no problems with them.

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Ticketmaster sucks. They make you pay unnecessary fees, and you end up paying a lot more than what the ticket is actually worth. Unless you can find a lower price, you should go to the venue and purchase tickets at the box office.

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You could try Stubhub… I’ve had some success with them in the past. A bit cheaper, too.

Water For Elephants is a great book, by the way.

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Thanks, @casheroo and @dverhey. TicketWeb seems to be music venues only. No circus. I’m looking at Stubhub now, and they have seats, but not necessarily together.

TicketZoom has the best offerings I can find at the moment, but the way they say “guaranteed to be authentic” makes me wonder.

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Try the box office of the venue….you may be able to purchase tickets direct and avoid agency mark-ups, although those agencies have all but shut down alternative methods (except for accessible space/seating, which venues often handle outside of the agencies).

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Thanks, @whatthefluther. I am trying to do that but can’t seem to get there online. Do you mean physically go to the actual physical box office? Won’t they have just a small block of tickets for sale instead of a choice?

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I think he means physically go there and buy the tickets.
buy the ticket, take the ride

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@Jeruba…Most of the box offices will handle accessible seating via phone or fax but for regular seating you will need to physically go to the box office. I’ve seen situations where the box office and Ticketmaster were in synch and either could offer the same available seating and cases where the box office only had a small block but they were the better seating. But, it has been many years since I bought regular seating so arrangements certainly may have changed. I’ll point out that most venues and Ticketmaster are very good at accommodating disabled folk but it sure doesn’t beat the free tickets and back stage passes I enjoyed in my youth (living in Los Angeles with connections had its rewards…those are seldom and far between nowadays).

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No luck at eBay. Thanks for additional information, @whatthefluther. It must have been fun getting comps.

How about Coast to Coast tickets, anyone?

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