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how can i get cheap cirque de soleil tickets?

Asked by edibleoffice (1points) December 14th, 2007

(for the Kooza show in San Francisco)

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I’m not specifically sure, but there are some “obstructed view” seats in the tent (mostly the ones near the support posts, waaay off to the sides).

Last time I went to a Cirque show I had comps, but they were obstructed-view. Still a great time.

You could look for give-aways, or try to associate yourself with companies that get or buy tickets for their employees. I was working for a company that was doing work with Cirque in Vegas, so they comped the whole company into the show.

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I don’t know about Cirque tickets, but I just saw an amazing show by Sweet Can productions in the same vein. It’s called Habitat (, the 6 performers are incredibly skilled, and it’s in a very small and intimate theatre. Choreography was done by a Cirque de Soleil alum. It runs Dec 14— Jan 6 at Dance Mission Theater (3316 24th St, at Mission, across from the 24th St bart.)

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