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Do smoke detectors go off because of cigarette smoke?

Asked by FatherWolf (23points) August 1st, 2009

Is there a difference between the smoke detectors that are installed in the homes of smokers and non-smokers? Are some more sensitive than others?

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There is no difference. There are two types of smoke detectors. Ionization type detectors are more sensitive to smoke particles.

This article explains in detail and simple language how each type works.

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The only time my smoke detector went off from cigarette smoke is when I blew smoke right into it before we installed it. I wanted to see if it worked. Other than that it’s only gone off when dinner is ready.

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The ones in the hospital where I work go off if you just think about lighting a cigarette.

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I’ve had mine go off whenI fry stuff in a pan on the stove, but then, flying grease particles are probably heavy enough to set the damn thing off. Sometimes, the only way to tell when supper is ready around here is when you hear the smoke alarm! =)

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Yes. Smoke is smoke.

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Yes. And I too have had it go off during cooking or baking. AND after someone took a hot shower as well.

In the airplane bathrooms a cigarette will set off the alarm.

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Yes as soon as it detects the smoke it will, I just don’t know how much it will take to go off.

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