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At big gas stations with convenience stores, is the rule "no smoking anywhere on premises" or "no smoking by the pumps?"?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 17th, 2011

I was at a gas station this evening and saw a guy smoking a cigarette by the store. It was about 20 feet away from the pumps. Another time, different gas station, a guy was smoking and the owner came out and yelled at him. Tonight made me wonder, when the signs say “no smoking,” does that mean no smoking on the premises at all, or no smoking only near the pumps?

—I ask because I would say something to the smoking guy if I was positive I were correct.

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I believe it applies to the entire premises.

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In our area, all of the convenience stores at gas stations have ashtrays of some sort right outside the doors of the store. I’m often smoking a cigarette as I arrive in my car, and will put it out on my way into the store. I also frequently see store employees taking smoke breaks on the premises. So, around here anyway, I’d guess it only applies to the pump area.

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I was going to go with the ‘premises’ rule until @augustlan ‘s answer reminded me that I too see employees smoking round the back so it must just be a Gas station area rule.

(FYI the no cell phone rule at many Gas stations is nonsensical. The sparks from the HT leads of EVERY motor vehicle starting up is far more dangerous than a mobile call (or an already lit cigarette).)

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I live in Canada and it seems to me that it’s only near pumps or propane tanks. Although, in my city, smoking is now supposed to be prohibited in public areas. Most of us are still confused at what constitutes a “public area” though
If you aren’t sure, check your town/city bylaws on the matter. I’m sure it must vary by country, state, district, etc.

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When I worked in a petrol station here in England, the ban was for the entire premises.

@Odysseus The ban on mobile phone use on petrol station forecourts isn’t primarily based on ignition risk

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Every state and local jurisdictions have their own laws, concerning smoking on private property. Some states have outlawed smoking altogether, while other states leave this decision up to the property owners.

Common sense tells a person not to smoke around a gas pump.

Here is a good example: some Cracker Barrel Restaurants in Kentucky, will allow its customers to smoke in designated areas. Some convenient stores allow smoking inside and other do not.

Its just a local or state law the prevails here.

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This is not a question that can be answered directly because each individual store has it’s own policy. For the most part it’s no smoking near the pumps.

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