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Why do my Blender renders take so long?

Asked by beatthelastboss (306points) August 2nd, 2009

When trying to animate in blender, my render can take, if enough is going on, 1 minute per render… I know this is typical for animations with 500 meshes at once with physics, but is there any way to speed this process up?

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get a better cpu, preferrably a quad core
alternatively you can turn the render quality settings down (antialiasing level, ambient occlusion accuracy, global illumination)
oh and 1 minute is nothing. i had renders that took hours.
btw i don’t use blender, but cinema 4d.

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i just tried about an hour ago to make a mint pesto for lamb. took a while for the mint leaves to render with the olive oil, toasted almonds and lemon, but it all finally came together.

you just need a good food processor.

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You think that is funny?
You think you are witty?
Well i have got news for you, it’s not.
Show me your warface!

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I use maya, so I don’t know what the blender equivalent would be, but preview quality renders and multiple render passes (occlusion, reflections, shadows, etc…) speed up the rendering process significantly. I would check your render settings and render with the minimum quality until you are doing your final render. Then you should render the final with batch rendering to maximize the processing power that is available for the render. As has been previously noted though, one minute is not a horrible render time at all. The new transformers movie took 72 hours to render each frame of some of the fight scenes, even with a state of the art render farm… so ya, a minute is not too shabby.

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