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What are some good wheat beers?

Asked by InspecterJones (1052points) August 2nd, 2009

I’ve disliked beer most of my life, but recently I’ve gotten into wheat beers quite a bit, I blame Blue Moon for this. I need something else though, I also quite enjoy Magic Hat’s Number 9. There are a select few others but you get the idea. I live in New York City, so I would prefer something that would be available somewhere here. What are your favorites?

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Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche is pretty good

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Hoegaarten is a witbeir, like bluemoon. It is easily available in NYC. If you go to Jersey you can get some Colorado wheat like White Rascal. And antoher type you might like to try is a heffeweisen which is also unfiltered wheat. It is German rather than Belgium

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@Capt_Bloth I’ve tried Hoegaarten, its all over the place, it just tastes kinda boring. I’ll try and check out those other two.

@critter1982 I’ve seen Dogfish Head here and there but don’t know if I’ve seen their Festina Peche, will keep an eye out.

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Give Hacker-Pschorr a try if you can find it.

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I second the recommendation for Hoegaarden, this Belgian beer is a fantastic, citrusy wheat. Look for beers from Belgium or Holland. Also, if you can find it, Mothership Wit by New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins.

You might also want to try a hefeweizen. It’s a German-style wheat beer that’s a little more carbonated than the wit (like Blue Moon wants to be). Popular hefs include Widmer Hef out of portland.

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Goose Island’s 312 is a nice simple wheat beer. Very tasty.

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SunshineNew Belgium
Wailua WheatKona Brewing

@AstroChuck Good call!

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Circus Boy is a great hefeweizen that you may love. I personally like the wheat bears with fruit in them. I love Saranac’s Pomegranate Wheat. I also love the Brown’s Brewing Co.‘s Cherry Raspberry Wheat. These are both NY breweries and I live in upstate NY. Not sure if they sell them in the big city, but they are so good.

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Saranac Pomegranate Wheat Ale is one of the best american beers I’ve ever had.

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+1 for New Belgium “Sunshine”

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities ga for Kona brewing but I doubt he can get that in NY

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I only drink Bent River brews, a local pub. My favorite is Uncommon Oatmeal Stout. Very sweet and tasty.

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Michelob’s Honey Wheat

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@madcapper if he’s in NYC he can. you can get almost any beer imaginable in the big apple if you know how to find it.

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Hoegaarden with a slice of lemon in it.

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Also, you should differentiate between wheat beers and wit beers. Wit beers are wheat beers, but made in the Belgian style and are much yeastier and have fruit and spice notes. Sometimes I’m really into this, but if someone tells me I’m getting a wheat beer, I expect a simpler beer.

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One of my favorites is Widmer Hefeweizen.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 ahh you may be right sir but I have only found it on the west coast so I wasn’t sure, I sure as hell can’t find it in Ohio haha

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@jamielynn2328 I used to live right around the corner from Brown’s Brewing. We spent a lot of time there, amazing place with amazing beer.

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Look for Coney Island Albino Python. It is a wheat (they call it a white lager) flavored with ginger and fennel (in addition to the citrus and corriander common to wheats),

Where in the city are you? When in Brooklyn check out these guys. Lots of selections there.

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Harpoon and Mothership Wit are both very nice light wheats, not quite as heavy as blue moon or hoeggarden

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Shock Top!

Bud Light Golden Wheat

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Kansas City, MO native “Boulevard” is an amazing wheat. Absolutely the best beer I’ve ever had. PS-and I’ve had A LOT of beers LOL.

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