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For a party tonight, I need help learning how to set this up (see attached picture)

Asked by jamiehicks2 (5points) May 1st, 2009
I have duct tape, but do not understand how I would connect open beers to one-another, without massive amounts of overflow and spilling! I’m probably missing come common sense thing, but if you could help, it would be awesome! Thank you!

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Open one can, have friend hold upright. punch hole in bottom of second can, clap on top of first, and hold together tightly. Have your friend duct tape the cans tightly together. Then open second can, and repeat process with third, fourth, etc.
IMPORTANT- when you are ready to “do it,” vent the bottom can (stab a hole in the side like you’re shotgunning it) and lift the assembly over head height.
Ya crazy kids.

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Tape two beers top to bottom. Use a long awl (or screwdriver) to punch a hole through the top, bottom and top. Repeat.

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That is crazy!

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Way too elaborate. I would rather just drink the beer like a normal person… but I suppose it would be hilarious to watch some other dummy try it. xD

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Also, you can use a can opener to uniformly remove the tops.

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First of all..NaturalMineralWater and aviona…you both are of NO HELP…Kevbo…we are trying both of them…

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@NaturalMineralWater Must be a teenager thing. I thought you were helpful. You were just trying to get maximum beer without wasting it into a mouth.

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I am just happy you don’t live beside me!!! Or do you, omg…...................

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Well, if it were my job, I would connect empty cans that had had openings cut in the bottom and then fill them when they were all strung together. Got any empties?

For effect I would probably fill all the lower ones and then clap an unopened one with a punctured bottom on top of the stack to get the snap effect of the opening.

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And why would the fluther gods see to direct this question at this tea toddling old lady?

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@Jeruba Now see, that is not how a renowned author in Boston would have answered that question. :)

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@Judi, maybe you’re a teetotaler with party expertise and practical knowhow.

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@chyna, omg, it isn’t?? Well, as I said, things did not turn out that way.

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@Jeruba way to many years ago to remember!

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Buy a funnel, have those 2 people get off there asses and pour the beer throuhg the funnel into your mouth.

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Just please make sure that you have the free taxi passes or designated drivers lined up before you try this…please.

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How did it work?

Ive always just used beer bongs.

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Yeah, I was at this party… it was a disaster. We thought it would be awesome to show people as they arrived. We tried the pounding of a screwdriver… which only caused massive amounts of beer to explode out, all over the place. And we then moved on to use a can opener… which worked out terribly, with jagged sharp pieces of aluminum all over the place. Much more work than we had expected, hahaha. If we were to do it again (totally going to), I would say to empty the cans into a container, then connect the empty cans together, and then pour the beer back into the stack of cans.

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