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Does anyone know of a place on the "interwebs" perhaps where I may find a list of all the current famous beauty editors of the big fashion magazines?

Asked by ava (977points) January 10th, 2008


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there’s an online media database called Bacon’s, which you can’t get into without a subscription (it’s pricey) and if you have a username/password you can easily create a list of all the contact info for the reporters/editors/producers on any given beat. If you belong to a college or university, or have access to a public library, there’s a chance some of those institutions might be able to let you on to Bacons. Or, the old fashioned way, buy the magazines and towards the front there will be a masthead where it lists all the editors and what they cover. Once you have the name of hte person, call the magazine’s general number and ask for that person’s extension or email. Some magazines won’t give it out, but some will.

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but of course… research is my specialty.


*note it is from 2005 but it gives you a start. i looked at a couple of names and they seemed current, but if you want to be super professional just type in the name and the magazine on the internet and see if there is anything recent about them in the media

this is an interesting book you might enjoy

For the past 15 years, Linda Wells’ Allure has counseled millions of readers navigating the beauty counter, the hair salon, the spa, and the plastic surgeon’s office. Now the magazine’s founding editor in chief is releasing her first book, Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor. The tome brims with tips (the ten commandments of polish), mysteries revealed (how to keep lip gloss on for longer than six minutes), plus plenty of funny anecdotes from Wells and her editors, along with tons of gorgeous pictures and useful diagrams. Do you need this book? The eyes—and lips and nails—have it.

Proof that the info on the first link is accurate to my knowledge

If you are interested in British Magazines

Mag Forum

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why do you want to know about my top beauty editors? you better not steel them away.

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I am in grad school for beauty industry marketing and merchandising, and I just feel like should have all the names of the beauty editors memorized. No need to worry, no stealing of anything.

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