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What annoys you most in responses to apartment/housing listings?

Asked by jz1220 (829points) January 11th, 2008

I’m currently trying to find an apartment share for my move-in date in May, which is a long time from now judging from most of the listings that I have seen, which list now-Feb as the move-in date. For listings I’m interested in that don’t specify a move-in date, I send an email saying I’m looking to move in in May. Does that annoy the other person? Because if they’re listing now, they’re obviously looking for someone to move in now?
What are other things that annoy you in responses?
Is there etiquette?

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Seeking woman or gay male for 1 bedroom. What am I, dirt?

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Land owners, apartment owners, respect one thing, MONEY. The sooner you move in the more they get. Simple $ and cents.

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Not all landlords are alike, charlie apparently likes money, You may not actually deal with a landlord if it’s a multiple unit you’ll probably be dealing with a manager. If you tell them when your planning on renting they will probably keep your name in case a unit becomes available in that time frame. It’s always nice for them to have someone to call when place becomes vacant. If your looking this far ahead it could indicate that you’ll probably be a longer term tennant meaning stability, some landlords and most managers like this, filling a place is a lot of work.

If they seem anoyed by your questions consider they may also be annoyed when you have something that needs to be fixed or attended to. Like a leaky faucet.

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I live close to a High profile college town and do alot of work there. The land/apartment owners, or whatever, move people out in the morning and someone else in there before 1:00PM Keeps the cash flow going. Worst part is that most of these people realy don’t care. Rent it and forget it as long as someone is paying the rent. Money talks, the rest walk!

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You probably won’t “annoy” anybody but you probably won’t get a response. Most places only require a 30 day notice to vacate. That means most places won’t know if they will even have a place for you in your time frame. You really should be looking for your new place about 45 days out.

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