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How can I add an image to my Tumblr's sidebar?

Asked by camicami (2points) August 6th, 2009

I’ve added a basic html image embedding code (<IMG SRC=“blahblah.gif” WIDTH=“200” HEIGHT=“100”>) into my Tumblr’s description, which shows up along with the text when I’m looking at it on my own computer. However, it doesn’t show up when other people are looking at it. How can I just add an image to the sidebar myself?

I’ve tried looking at CSS tutorials, but I’m technology illiterate. Nothing I try even appears on the page. Help!

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Got a link to the page? I will take a look.

edit :: and are you sure the image is hosted somewhere? It won’t work if it on your computer. The image needs to be on a server somewhere.

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As johnpowell stated the image have to be accessible by everyone a.k.a on a server. A good image hosting site is

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It’s hosted on Picasa.

Here’s the link to my page:

I’ve tried it again and a friend tells me he can see the elephant. The alt text should say “little elephant” within the description to the left if the pic doesn’t appear.

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I’m using Mobile Safari and I can see it. If you’re still having trouble, try using TinyPic. After the upload is done, copy the HTML text it will give you and try pasting that in the description. That’s what I do.

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I see it on Firefox on OS X.

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Awesome, I think I got it figured out then. Thanks, guys!

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