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What are the best podcasts for long trips?

Asked by NoCatharsis (207points) August 7th, 2009

I travel by car a lot and usually end up listening to downloaded podcasts the majority of the time. I’m looking for more suggestions. My favorites include:
– This American Life
– Skeptoid
– Scientific American
– 60 Minutes
– Stuff You Should Know (from
– Radio Lab (just found this – awesome! Like a mix of This American Life and Scientific American.)

As you can probably tell, I like the nerdier scientific podcasts, but I’m very open to current events and interesting stories as well. Comedy can be a plus. What do you guys listen to?

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The Adam Carolla Show is good as well as his Carcast if your a gearhead. He has some interesting people on there that he interviews… and I especially like the one with the naked dude from the Hangover – unbelievably hilarious.

I also like the SModcast by Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith of Clerks fame.

Finally, I find that Kevin Pollack’s show can be pretty entertaining…

For you geeks out there… I get an occasional kick out of listening to the Wizards of the Coast podcast surrounding Dungeon’s and Dragons – the series that they have where they record, Wil Wheaton, the guys from Penny Arcade, and Scott Kurtz of PvPOnline fame playing is hilarious and makes me miss the hours that I used to play as a kid…

Hope you find something good there…

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Cort and Fatboy Podcast – A Daily (mon-fri) radio show that happens in Portland, Oregon and it uploaded right after. Kinda geeky and fun and probably one of the only “Mainstream” radio shows I would ever listen to.

Engadget Podcast – A weekly podcast about “This week in technology”. Fun to listen to and to hear other people care about gadgets as much as you do (presumably).

Nobody Likes Onions – An off the cuff kind of podcast done by a couple of guys. Probably the most professional amateur podcast around. Kind of inappropriate and silly most of the time. This one might not be for everyone, but it is quite funny.

Savage Love Podcast – A podcast version of Dan Savage’s sex/relationship advice, where people call in with questions and he answers them. Mainly awesome cause Dan Savage is hilarious and probably the most insightful person you’ll ever hear when it comes to social matters.

The Moth Podcast – A kind of story telling podcast, where each episode is one person telling one story from their life. Very interesting and quite often very funny.

This American Life – (You have it up there but for others…) Each show is based on a topic and they bring you stories on that topic. Very interesting most of the time, depends on the topic.

That’s all for my favorites.

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I like listening to the financial podcast by Dave Ramsey. Very entertaining and enlightening.

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Diggnation & The Totally Rad Show

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If you’re still looking fo things to listen to…
—try looking for Podcasts from your favorite shows. There are a good handful of ones for Doctor Who, as well as for Firefly/Serenity.
—Librivox is a good choice if you like to listen to audio books. The quality can be iffy because the books are read by volunteers and the service is free, but you can find some great stuff from that site. (It’s mostly books that have a lapsed copyright.)
—Lots of people like The Classic Tales Podcast. I, personally, have not listened to it, but it might be fun.
—Have you looked at other NPR podcasts? They have Food, Hmm….Krulwich on Science, Music, Pop Culture, Science…etc.
—If you like geeky things (if you attended/wanted to attend SDCC), GeeksOn, Hitchhiker’s Guide to British SciFi, SciFi Surplus, Slice of SciFi, etc., might make good listening.

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