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Would you allow a 7 year old to watch Jumanji?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8281points) August 7th, 2009

I was at work, and we have a television. A man came in with his seven year old daughter to order their dinner and decided to eat in the restaurant. We had the TV on AMC, and it happened to be showing Jumanji(film) which came out when I was a kid in the early 90’s. Immediately after allowing her to order a Mountain Dew, he obnoxiously complained about the film being on TV, with the justification that “Hey! There’s a seven year old here!” This prompted a discussion about whether the film was appropriate for a child that age. Personally, I saw the movie when I was seven or eight and didn’t have issues with it. I also found it a bit contradictory that this father allowed his daughter to drink the caffeine-riddled 24-oz Mountain Dew, but a movie about a board game whose only frightening aspects are animals is totally out of the question. Am I the only one who sees something ridiculous about this?

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I can’t figure out what about Jumanji is problematic for a 7 year old – but maybe I don’t remember it enough – I’d say I saw it when I was 12 or something…also nutrition and tv aren’t the same things or at least trying to do what’s best in terms of both don’t occur in one parent sometimes

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@TitsMcGhee I agree with you; I also watched Jumanji when I was young and I didn’t have issues with it, nor did the other people I know who saw it growing up.

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I’d expect Jumangi to be rated G. Was it not? There was nothing graphic, sexual, or profane in that movie.

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I think it’d be fine, unless there’s language in it. I don’t recall if there is or not.

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lol parents these days….

when I was a kid it was… “good morning sweet heart, eat breakfast and go out and play, don’t come back until it’s dark.”

Jumanji isn’t going to ruin a child.

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I watched the movie first when it released, I was 6.5 then. Then I proceeded to see it about a billion more times (my brother and I really loved the movie). We turned out okay, so I wouldn’t hesitate to let another 7 year old watch it. Plus, like others have stated, there’s nothing really bad about that movie. It’s such a cute story, IMO.

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I must admit, I actually haven’t ever watched Jumanji.

But it’s a Robin Williams film that’s been declared a “fun for the whole family” film by plenty of reviews. I think people are way too intense with censorship of what their children see.

I remember watching plenty of films like The Exorcist as a youngin (Exorcist specifically I know I was no older than 7) and didn’t turn out as a demon. I think Jumanji won’t do much harm.

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Also, for the record, it’s rated PG.

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He probably wanted the station turned to Sports Center and that was his excuse.

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Jumanji is a GREAT movie and a 7 year old would LOVE IT!

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I saw it when I was around that age and I’m still alive.

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This guy was obviously not a deep thinker. There is nothing wrong with a 7 year old seeing Jumanji.

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I’d ask him if I was there

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Psssh I saw the south park movie (which is way worse than jumanji in terms of content) around that age, and I’m still fine. Just learned a few more words

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@teh_kvlt_liberal You’re fine? Have you looked at your avatar?

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My son tried watching it around that age, but got scared by the animals. I had no problem with him watching it, though. Plus, to watch it in a restaurant is certainly going to make the movie seem less scary for a little tyke.

And, for the record, I still do not allow my 12 year old to drink Mountain Dew and I limit his caffeine and soda intake as much as possible.

The guy seems a little backwards to me, too.

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The only reason a 7 year old should not watch Jumangi is the same reason a 37 year old should not: It was not a very good movie.

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@chyna A little corpse paint doesn’t hurt anyone

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@Zendo – hahahah. wether I agree with the opinion on the movie that still made me laugh. that was a good one.

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I get lucky every now and then.

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I let my five year old see it. I don’t see why it would be a problem.

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Sounds like he just wanted to be an @ss…. It is appropriate for that age.

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It is a great movie.
But, there are some parts that are dark and scary.

I can see if someone felt it was too emotional for a 7 year old.

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@ChazMaz But keep in mind they were just there to eat. They weren’t going to be there long enough to watch the entire movie. There was probably a lot going on in the restaurant that caught her attention and she wouldn’t be totally focused on the movie.

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I understand that. But for parents always being on their guard with their children.
Sometimes they worry about what they will not see that their child will.

Unless under total supervision it is easier to just change the channel. Especially if they would like to not have to worry and enjoy dinner themselves.

But I do understand your point.

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i watched it when i was a lot younger. not gonna lie though, i had a little nightmare about bugs. big deal? um, no. i’m not scarred for life. kids see a lot more damaging things in real life than they do in a movie about a board game. besides, if the kid’s in a restaurant, they’re there to eat, not to watch a goddamn movie.
personally, if the kid seemed to be freaked out about the movie, i wouldn’t have them continue watching it. but i wouldn’t be like “OMG INAPPROPRIATE.”

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The dude was crazy! There’s nothing wrong with that movie, probably the worse thing they did in it was kiss at the end. Big whoops!

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Sometimes I think parents today freak out about stuff like that because they feel like other parents expect them to freak out or get judgemental about what the kid is allowed to do. Like, if a parent lets the kid drink Mountain Dew. :)

You just can’t win as a parent today. That being said, I wouldn’t hesitate to let a 7 year old watch Jumanji. And I wouldn’t let my kid drink Mountain Dew.

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When I was little I wasn’t allowed to have soda except for special occasions due to two reasons. The expense, and the caffiene/sugar would make us hyper.

Pretty much the same reason I don’t let my kids today except I know a little bit more about it being bad for their health.

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@Bri_L When we were little, there were 4 of us kids and we were allowed 1 bottle a day, between us. Oh the time that was spent in measuring and fighting over who got more in their glass!

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The movie was based on a Caldecott award winning, much beloved, childrens book.
The only reason I would object to the movie being on would be if my child hadn’t seen it. I would want her to see it from the start.

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I guess the only violence was when the hunter was hunting Robin Williams character…but they make it sort of goofy.
I think it’s really weird, especially since he was giving his kid mountain dew…I don’t even drink that stuff!

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@chyna – hehe. My dad used the “one of you cuts the other chooses” method. I don’t know how you do that between 4?

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I thought the concept of being lost “forever” was pretty scary, and so were some of the scenes, but nothing a 7 year old couldn’t handle.

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@YARNLADY – I agree with that.

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I would let a 5 year old watch it! It’s a movie for children in my opinion!

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My kids watched it when they were young. The problem was that it was loud and the animals were scary. Actually, the whole idea of weird and dangerous animals suddenly popping up in your house lead to a series of nightmares that I had to deal with.

I think it would depend on the child as well as whether the father really knew the movie or was only going by what other people have said.

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Are you flippin kiddig me! The guy must really hate Robin Williams. If I were there, I’ll beat the flip out of the man! A rated G movie is NOT going to kill a 7— year old. He could’ve been more concern about FOOD POISONING…
I love Robin Williams.

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This might be helpful to those who haven’t seen it in a while.
The movie rating should be “mostly harmless”.

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BTW, my neighbors across the street thought it was fine to take their four-year-old to see The Mummy (PG-13) and also let him watch Halloween (rated anywhere from the temporal equivalent of PG-13 to R depending on where you saw it) and Friday the Thirteenth (R).

Sometimes people have rather different opinions of what is appropriate for what age group. I know my son has been trying to convince me for years that he is old enough to play “Grand Theft Auto” (no, he is not).

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sounds dumb. i was about that age when it came out and i absolutely loved it, i thought it was the coolest.

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There’s no graphic violence, nobody gets hurt beyond a few scrapes and there’s more or less zero adult content, I don’t see a problem with it.

That said I’ve been watching R-rated movies with blood and what-have-you since I was five.

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Worst thing in their is some kid gets beat up. Perfectly fine for kids if you ask me. I would suggest that it be shown to kids because it’s so apropriate!

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@Darwin let him play Burnout Revenge so he can get a real grip on road rage. lt happens to be my favorite video game.

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I remember when I was a kid, I could watch most things except for the love/kissing scenes where someone in the family would just cover up my eyes.
I’d think it’s more of a family matter, the parents would know best how their kids would react to external stimuli. Some kids get hyper when watching action, others don’t. Some kids cry over chaotic scenes, some don’t. I guess it’s best to leave it up to the parents for them to raise the child.

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Jumanji is great, I’d let my kids watch it and they are younger than 7. I watched “The Empire Strikes Back” in the theatres when I was 3, I think I turned out ok.

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I’m finding it difficult to comprehend someone taking issue with their child watching a movie that’s rated as being suitable for children and has Robin Williams playing the main character.
@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Bizarre, my childhood seemed something more along the lines of “dear, get out of the house and come back when it’s dark before I kick you out and force you back” atleast that’s what I think was being said over the sound of Mario jumping.

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that sounds so familiar Nially Bob. haha.

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This doesn’t make sense…. maybe the kids dad is just an idiot and thought Jumanji was about an antisemitic board game.

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Hahaha JEW-manji

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Or maybe he didn’t like the fact that Robin Williams once did a movie in drag.

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@Darwin yeah that was an unusual message to send to little kids

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@Darwin I was on a cruise in ‘95 and for some reason that is all that played on the TV, 24 hours a day. I honestly hate that movie.

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And then there was his infamous “heat seeking missile” bit that got him banned from the University of Florida.

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