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Should there be consequences to politicians who don't keep campaign promises?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) August 7th, 2009

I know we can just vote them out, but they still get to serve their term, be it 2, 4, or 6 years!! Do you think there should be one or more laws protecting the voters against these lies? What would those laws say/do to those ‘dirty’ politicians.

I’m not talking about impossible promises, just ones that they never intended to follow through with.

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Yes and as punishment we would hammer splinters of bamboo under there fingernails

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are you just repeating other people’s questions – that’s two in a row you just wrote

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Tar and feather them and ride them out of town on a rail.

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no, I just thought of these two concurrently. they are related, but not enough to be a single question. My train of thought went between the two.

why? did i copy someone?

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yeah, you did

though it can be argued that this question is a bit different from the first link I provide because you don’t ask about politicians that abandon their post but those that don’t fulfill their promises

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Not really. Sometimes you don’t see how complex some issues are until you know all the details. And sometimes you need to have to have the job to have all the details.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir :: I’m not really seeing the connection.

edit :: Now I see the connection.

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No, because no politician in our system has absolute power.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir The second question you cited wasn’t the same as the one I posted. It sounds like it, but read the details.

Sorry bout the other one.

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@johnpowell I edited my response – the second link I provide is like another of @pikipupiba‘s recent qs – I don’t really care, but it does make it difficult for me to keep it all together in terms of discussion, especially since the issues are similar enough that they can be discussed in the same question – either way, my comments are not intended as negative

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No. There are an number of reason why they don’t follow through on promises. Going only with legitament reasons, they could:

1 – Realize that they can’t really follow through on the promise no matter how hard they want to
2 – Have a body serving with them that will refuse to let them follow through
3 – Health problems won’t allow them
4 – More important problems come up and they don’t have time for campaign promises, no matter how much they’d like to follow through with them
5 – The campaign promise was never a good idea anyway

I think I’ll stop now.

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@theichibun I’m not talking about impossible promises…

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There are consequences just not legal ones. If an elected official doesn’t fulfill their promises, then it makes voters less likely to vote for them next time.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic But what about the term they already ‘stole’?

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@pikipupiba What if they cant live up to their promises because political opponents are fighting them every step of the way?

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no? besides, how would we determine whether they couldn’t keep their promises, didn’t intend to in the first place, or just changed their plans?

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It’s not possible to determine whether a politician actually meant his campaign promisses or not. Also there is so much going on behind our backs in the poltical arena, there is no way of knowing what the politician traded his promise for. They just do the best they can in the strange business of doing their jobs, that it is counterproductive to try to make up more rules to confine them any more than there already are.

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In many Government offices, we can recall the elected official. We cannot do this with the President or VP, or our Senator (in California), but we recalled our Governor 5 years ago.

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yes, they shouldn’t be re-elected.

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Things could have changed between the time they made the promise and the time they were elected. What they advocated before may no longer be the best course of action.

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@pikipupiba Not all impossible campaign promises seem impossible during the campaign.

Also, some campaign promises become impossible due to who else is elected in the same election.

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After following this thread, the conclusion I have come up with is:

We don’t want to constrict them even more – @YARNLADY
Just don’t re-elect them – Several people
No way of knowing what the heck is going on – Many people

Thank you all for your input!!!

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tarred and feathered… followed by decapitation and incineration… All public of course.

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