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Do joggers/runners have the right of way?

Asked by Elfman (449points) January 14th, 2008

With respect to others pedestrians…

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With respect to other pedestrians, no.

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No they are pedestrians too.

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But it is polite, in any situation, to give those who are moving faster than you the right of way. As a runner, I’m courteous of other peds, but it sucks breaking stride.

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threadjacking here but isn’t it a burn when you are at a public space (e.g. outdoor mall) and a group of people walk side by side taking up a whole walkway?

We call it “rollin’ deep” but it can be pretty annoying! I say this because they are often ambling along at a much slower pace then the rest of the thru traffic. Arggh!

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@sndfreg—True ‘dat.

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Tell me about it! Its the story of my life. I hit a great wall of Chinese the other day. Stopped me dead in my tracks. Very rude.

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