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What do you use to organize all of your ideas?

Asked by ozwash (13points) August 19th, 2009

I’ve been trying different methods for carrying my ideas outside my head. I’ve been using a moleskine for a couple years and that works out well – but when it is more practical to tap something out on the computer – I’m kind of stuck. Things that I have tried include tiddlywiki, pbwiki, devonthink, mybase(windows), text files etc.
This stuff just seems to get in the way. How do you store and organize your ideas electronically?

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I use a Calender on the computer as well as various text documents.

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I use Evernote, OneNote and Zoho Notebook.

OneNote is especially good for creating a very organized, structured set of notes, kind of like an electronic version of a tabbed spiral notebook. But, there’s also a useful search function. Evernote isn’t quite as hierarchical as OneNote, but allows you to create notebooks and tag your notes, making them easier to find and organize. Zoho Notebook is almost like an online version of OneNote, though not quite as good. Of the three, OneNote is the only one you have to pay for.

The advantage, in my opinion, goes to Evernote for being on the cloud. You can access it from any internet connection, which is useful considering how we use cell phones these days. When Microsoft finally unveils its online version of OneNote, it will probably be the best note-taking app out there.

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My brain, post its, and any text able note app.
I’ve tried email but it’s not as accessible as that note at your desktop.
Oh, also I use my cellphone note feature, and I usually bring a piece of paper/small notepad/notebook and pen/pencil when I’m out.
But really, memory would probably be the best for general ideas, for specifics and details, stick to pen and paper.

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I keep it simple – I only let myself have one idea a day! :-)

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I have two PDAs – both gifts – sitting in my junk drawer with dead batteries. What I use is this:

And this:

Supplemented with blue line paper and post-it notes as needed.

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i am obsessive compulsive over lists. is a holy website to me.

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ei that’s a useful link! :) will try it out.

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A little booklet and a pen.

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Bullets or a map. It is the easiest way.

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