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What should I say when people tell me I'm awesome/crazy (the good kind)?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) August 22nd, 2009

I always give 110% in everything that I do. This often leads to some amazing tricks or stunts that are pretty freaking awesome while playing sports or even just riding my bike.

My question is this: How do you respond when people seem almost amazed with your abilities, without sounding arrogant or convoluted?

EDIT: After the millionth time they say ‘Oh my God! You’re freaking crazy!’, not the first.

(I’m a freshman in college and am really trying to not give people the wrong idea.)

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That’s easy. Just say, “Thank you! That’s a big compliment.” Then smile.

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Agree totoally with @DrasticDreamer, that’s all you do, say thank you or thanks and move on.

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I often jokingly act exaggeratedly full of myself when people give me compliments.
“I told you. I’m brilliant. Now go build me a temple and sacrifice cattle to me.”

Silliness is easier than being shy about it.

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Check the edit, sorry.

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@Fyrius I do too! But I’m always worried that people won’t know that I’m joking, cause they are all new friends and don’t know me completely.

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You pay them the amount that you agreed on and you both go on your way.

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Myeah. I’m not sure myself how to get it across that I’m joking, except by taking it to the most ridiculous lengths I can. Or by stressing the aspect of the comedic role that nobody else agrees with me about how awesome I am.
I mean, I just can’t figure out why my worldwide empire is taking so long to get going.

I also don’t usually get compliments from people I don’t know well…

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The first time I would say “thank you.” The millionth time I would I would ignore it.

Here’s a thought, “deflect some credit back on your team mates.” Bob’s block made that possible. Everybody plays hard here. That’s what I love about Old Alma Mater.

For the sake of your future, try very. very hard to remember you are not your sports feats.

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I would go with @Fyrius advice on this one. I’m sure the people around you know you well enough to know you are saying it in a joking manner. Saying “Thank you” a million plus times would get tiring. At least have fun with it! :)

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A plain thank-you always works well, or “I’ve practiced a lot” is nice too.

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Just be modest. Say thanks, and tell them that there’s always more to improve on.

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‘Thank you, you are too!’ Is fine, if you don’t know the stranger, then say ‘Thanks, that was really nice, I’m sure your awesome too!’ So you don’t just say ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thank you’ It’s better to tell the person that you think;know that they are good too.

Also, if your riding a bike, and you do a stunt;trick;etc. then you could say ‘Thanks, I’m sure you could do the same if not better, I can never get this trick down though’ Then do a trick, and purposely mess up a bit, or try a new thing, and more than likely you won’t get it the first time!

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@imyourbffjess Just make sure not to say the same compliment back in a patronizing way!

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Yes that is true Now What, I have to agree with you, but why did you say @ before my nickname? ?

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Oh i was just trying to back you up/build upon your answer

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@pikipupiba: Another thought, since you are starting college, is to lay low for a while. You don’t want to come off as a show-off and attention seeker initially. Try out for an athletic team where your prowess and ability will appear appropriate.

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Just say,“hellyeah, thanx!”

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If you have actually seen them do something, reply with, “Thanks, you looked pretty good on that last jump, yourself.”

If you haven’t seen them, say, “Thanks, I’d like to see one of your moves, too.”

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“Thanks, I’ve been working on it.” “Thanks, I’m glad my hard work is paying off.”

I think it is great that you put 110% into everything you do. You should be proud of it. People respect hard work and admire then accomplishments that come with it. What I think you should avoid is coming off as saying “I know, I’m just naturally awesome” even in a roundabout way.

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@Supacase So far I like your second quote the best.

Ok, I’m glad to see that what I’ve been doing is what a lot of people here are saying. Now I can say/do them with a lot more confidence and know I’m doing it right. Thank you all sooooooo much! I’m so glad I found a community who is willing to help out a lowly freshman, hehehehe! Lurve to all!

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I get that alot..

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Milo here: My solution is to have my flunky carry around 8½×11 glossies of me. I autograph and distribute them to my fans.

(No such thing as 110%).

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