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I'm about to have a go at a Lawyer that wants to sue me..

Asked by jrpowell (40464points) January 17th, 2008

I would like to record the conversation. What hardware can I get locally that will do this. I have a Radio Shack a few (20) blocks away. Any ideas on how to hack together something that will record conversations on the phone. This will be over a land-line.. And I will inform the person on the other end that they are being recorded.

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At my local Radio Shack they sell a device for this very purpose. Plug one end of your phone line into it and viola: recorded.

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Awesome, I will call in the morning and see if the one near me has a similar device. Thanks Andrew.

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You don’t have to inform them. As long as one party knows, which is you. If neither party knew, as in someone tapping you, then it would be a legal issue.

“Your call may be recorded for training etc” They told “you” the caller, not the support person. 1 party knew.

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Whether or not you have to inform them depends on the jurisdiction you’re in.

Better to either inform him (so that you’re covered in every jurisdiction) or consult your lawyer and find out that the taping is legal before you try it; otherwise, you’re likely to show up in court with inadmissible evidence.

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@ cwilbur To my understanding glial is correct if you live in the US

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@gooch: As someone who has conducted phone interviews, I can tell you that the law varies state-by-state.

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He are some state by state laws.

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In school, I got one of those from radioshack for phone interviews. it worked like a champ. Just be sure to test it first.

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if you are going to need to have your own lawyer anyway, then have a conference call or meeting with you attorney present when you talk to the other attorney.

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Andrew is right, many states require all parties to a conversation to be aware of the recording. I also agree with kelly, having your own attorney is wisest when dealing with an attorney. I don’t play one-on-one with Shaq, don’t try to match someone on their turf. You might inadvertently do something you may regret.

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