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Does parvo bacteria stay present after a new snow or does the snow and cold kill it?

Asked by tammy444 (94points) January 17th, 2008

parvo bacteria die in snow?

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the reason i ask is because my puppy just survived it and they say even if vaccinated they will be subject to get it again.

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Parvo is a virus. Once your puppy has had the disease and survived it, he can never get it again. The virus can remain in the environment for years, so any additional animals that come into your house or yard are at risk, even if vaccinated.

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I can only go by what I know of bacteria in general. Bacteria dies either below 40 degrees or above 140. The problem however is that you can guarantee that just because it snowed the entire ground was that cold all the way down. The truth is, no, the snow probably didn’t entirely kill it because the ground doesn’t freeze all the way down, usually only the surface. I think it’s safe to assume that the bacteria is still present.

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I have a new 12 wk old puppy that is up to date on all shots including her rabbie shot. My neighbor has a new littler of 8 wk old pit pups that have started to die from parvo. The only thing that is separated my yard and his is my fence. What are my chances of my new little one getting any disease? The pups have not been together at all. Thanks

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