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Do you trust your boss?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) August 25th, 2009 from iPhone

Why or why not? Have thy earned you trust or mistrust? Is it easier to learn to mistrust someone?

I’m feeling very mistrustful of my boss right now. Does anyone feel similarly?

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Yes, since my boss is my brother.

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I never place blind trust in anyone I work with. In business environments trust isn’t a necessity like it is for police, firemen, loggers, etc.

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My boss had sex with one of the girls he hired about a month after he hired her, in the store. Neither of them are with the company now, and it’s a gross thought, but sooo funny. They’re both married.

Needless to say he is not very trustworthy.

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Depends on the boss. I’ve had those I trusted (within reason… they will pretty much always throw you under a bus if they need to), and those I didn’t trust at all. I could work for either type, the important thing is to know the difference between them.

Right now, my only bosses are Ben and Andrew. And yes, I trust them.

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I’m my own boss currently, so no.

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I trust him to acct a certain way… especially in business I’m not sure I’d work for him if I didn’t feel some level of trust. However, the relationship is too new to warrant any more trust than that…

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In the workplace or life in general? And what are you trusting them to do?

Trusting them to do what’s good for the company isn’t even a good answer here. Would we be talking long or short term?

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Of course I trust him. I just dont like him. My supervisor on the other hand I don’t trust. Hes a nice person but you can’t depend on him.

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I am lucky, I not only trust my boss, but I also like him. I feel like he is in my corner and that he is invested in my progress in the company. I count my blessings.

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I have 2 bosses. My direct boss is cool but moody, and she shows favoritism, and can be very intimidating. But she really is a great barrier between the obsessive attorney boss. She really stands up for people.

The big boss is okay compared to other stories I’ve heard, but like I said, obsessive and hard to read.

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I trust my boss, but unfortunately, my boss’s boss is a snake. Some of my co-workers are as trustworthy as a fox in the henhouse, and of the twenty or so people I have to work with on-site, only two of them I trust implicitly. The rest of them I don’t trust as far as I can throw a 9770 combine.

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Yes i trust my boss, she is very honest and has been there for me in many ways.

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Yes. I would never work for a boss I don’t trust.

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Nope, not in the least. I have never trusted anyone I’ve worked for.

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I trust my boss to look after his own ass first and will lay off the lot of us if things get hard. I don’t share my fears or much of my personal life with him, except for occasional small talk. I know that once I’m not in the room, he talks shit, because he does that with EVERYBODY. When it’s just the two of us in the office, it’s a not stop stream of shit-talking from my boss about everyone, his wife, his co-owner/son, his step kids, the guy at the grocery store, etc…. he sees the absolute worst in everyone and acts like betrayal lurks around every corner, under every leaf. Everyone is “a fucking moron” and “being stupid” and doing it wrong.

It’s exhausting to be around such negativity and mistrust, and I’ve been doing my best to adopt a sunny, optimistic disposition at work, to stay sane….. and as an act of defiance.

I guess the short answer would be: “Hell no.”

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Up until I got my current job, I never really trusted any boss I had. My primary criterion for getting this job was finding a boss I could work for. Someone I could trust to appreciate me. I found what I was looking for.

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