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What will be the consequences of Ted Kennedy's death?

Asked by phoenyx (7388points) August 25th, 2009

How will he be remembered? What will the political results be? etc.

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In the immediate, his family, friends, constituents and admirers will mourn him.

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I personally will remember him as someone who had a huge impact on the senate and as a proponent of many great changes. A true progressive. A kind hearted man although he had suffered an immense amount of tragedy in his life. I am fairly young so I wasn’t around for any of the scandalous things. Even if I was though, I feel like everyone has made mistakes, but Sen. Kennedy was someone who was able to look past the adversity and overcome the tragedy, and try his very hardest to affect some positive change. It’s not many people, especially in this negative and easily corruptible wold that we live in, that could devote their life to public service as he had done. I am immensely sad about his passing. I have always been so inspired by him, as have many others.

As far as a political result, it could have two effects. One, health care reform could take a major hit because he was one of its main and more powerful proponents. Or two, it could have the opposite effect, and inspire others that admired him to work harder to achieve the goals he would have worked towards if he was still with us. I’m personally hoping for option two.

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Putrescence and decay, ending in skeletonization, unless the process is somehow interrupted.

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Obama has lost his magic 60 democrat and independants number for at least 2 months. Health care has lost it’s greatest champion.

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It could be longer than two months. Unless the Massachusetts state legislature changes the law and allows the governor to appoint an interim Senator, it will be at least 160 days before Massachusetts can elect a new Senator.

Orin Hatch thinks that if Kennedy had been an active part of the process, health care legislation would be much further along. With Obama keeping his hands clear of the legislative process, and no particularly effective negotiator on the Liberal side, I doubt if there will be any compromise. Democrats will have to get the legislation through by brute force.

Of course, Republicans fought Medicare tooth and nail all the way through until the last moment, and then supported it when it was inevitable. I doubt if history will repeat itself, but who knows. If Republicans don’t support health reform, they may be on the short end of the electoral stick for decades.

On NPR this morning, there was a clip of Reagan, then a candidate for Governor of California, calling Medicare socialism. Can you find an elected conservative today who opposes Medicare?

I think that Republicans are in danger of becoming like the boy who called “wolf.” “The socialists are coming! The socialists are coming!” Have they said this one too many times? Are Republicans even relevant any more?

In any case, I think that Kennedy’s passing means the chances for bipartisan legislation have been reduced drastically. Republicans feel there is no serious negotiator on the Democratic side, and that the best political move they can make is to oppose health reform as strongly as they can, hoping it will fail, and they can take over. It’s a highly risky strategy, but then, Republicans never were ones for looking very far into the future.

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Right now I remember him as the champion of COBRA without whom I would not have health care.

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The Chappaquidick jokes will finally stop.

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About the magic 60: it really didn’t apply, because he wasn’t in the Senate all that often due to his illness.

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Modded questions by me about it.

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The bastards have got it in for you. @Noel_S_Leitmotiv . I think it’s time for a very strong letter to the Sunday Times of London.

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