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What resources are readily available for spouses who have suffered emotional abuse?

Asked by sndfreQ (11739points) January 17th, 2008 from iPhone

A close friend who has suffered many years of emotional abuse from their spouse is finally considering self help and dissolving the marriage. What resources, services (both physical and online) or other support can my friend use to aid in research and/or action?

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thx in advance :)

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Without knowing where you live, it’s hard to steer you to services. Most areas will have at least one domestic violence agency which can provide support, advocacy, and referrals for services. I would suggest that you google your city or county and “domestic violence agency” to find one closest to you. As well, some states have state-wide hotlines for support and assistance.
FYI, here is what my local agency suggests as ways to help a friend in this situation:

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We are located in southern California

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I found this in the “Government and Community Services” part of my phone book’.

Nat’l domestic violence hot line: 1–800-799–7233

There were also several local numbers for the organizations within my county.

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