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What are good stomach excersises for someone with backpain?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) January 17th, 2008


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Some of the traditional yoga postures can help strengthen the back and stomach. Take your time and listen to your body to avoid stress or injury. Best of luck to you!

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You might want to check any exercises out with a professional physical therapist. You can get some good advice from them—and you won’t inadvertently end up hurting yourself further.

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there’s some really basic things you can do to build core strength without hurting yourself more… it’s hard to explain without showing you… it also depends what kind of back pain it is… try tightening your stomach muscles and hold it for a count of ten, then let it out. do ten of those in a row, three times a day. it can also help to lay on a yoga mat with your knees bent, tilt your pelvis up and tighten your core, then lift each leg a couple inches off the ground, alternating one at a time keeping the knees bent. try doing ten of those a couple times a day to start. a lot of these kinds of things feel really simple ifyou’re used to a “workout” but if you focus on isolating movements and breathing while you do it, you should start to feel some effects… i am not a doctor or yoga teacher, i’ve just dealt with a lot of back pain myself. good luck.

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i would suggest getting one of those stability balls. they usually come with an instructional dvd of some sort. That way, your back/bodyweight are supported by the ball, rather than trying to hold yourself up which can cause more discomfort.

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I would agree very strongly w. skfinkel. Every lower back is different; I just spent a year rehabbing myself – started w. 12 sessions at the Physical therapist’s last Feb. and Mar….and then picked up the remaining 4 sessions allowed by my insurance in Dec.. You need a Dr.s RX, but should have him check you out first.

So many variables; if you pick the wrong exercises and overdo, you will re—injure yourself….and there is NOTHING more discouraging. I have cheated only for the week in which I had the flu. Hope that this helps.

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Pilates has great stomach exercises that will actually correct posture and help relive back pain.

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Also,, personally, I have found swimming to be great for back pain—builds up the stomach muscles.

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I agree with skfinkel. Swimming is a great, whole body exercise medium that is especially good for joints and people with health problems, because it partially counteracts the effects of gravity.

I would also suggest you talk to your chiropractor, as the best judge of your back’s condition and the best way to strengthen it without doing more damage.

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