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How should I dispose of old license plates from my car?

Asked by unacornea (314points) January 18th, 2008

i just registered my car in california and changed the plates, i’m not sure if i should throw the old ones away, or recycle them, or what. is there any chance someone could get them out of the garbage and use them for something that i could end up being held accountable for ?

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Good question; I believe that in California you’re supposed to send them in or drop them off to the CA DMV so as to avoid the very thing you’re describing.

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Get a barn and nail them to the rafters.

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return to the DMV. Where I live its a requirement.

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In NY you have to turn them into DMV
I have seen people get tickets for old plates cause of no registered insurance associated with them

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You could always keep them and make them into something cool. Like fold up the sides and use as a napkin holder.

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chaosrob has the right idea…Keep ‘em in tact for the next ten or twenty years and then sell ‘em to a classic car restorer….

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