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Vonage VoIP phone service

Asked by ckinyc (1158points) January 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I am thinking of switching to Vonage. Do you have any experience with them you might want to share? Good or bad welcome! Thx

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I used them at my old house. While it worked it was great. But the router they gave us died one night. So I had to go to a pay-phone to call them to get a replacement. The person suggested stuff that I should do to try and fix the router. Problem was my fucking phone was broken and I was calling from a pay-phone a mile away from my house. This never clicked with the tech support person. They refused to send a new router unless I would cycle the power. I had already tried that.

I eventually asked to speak with the billing department so I could cancel my account. The person in billing was able to get me a new router in two days.

Basically.. It is easy to set-up and use. But the technical support is shit.

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The concept is great, but the support is hideous. You might be happier just cutting the landline and getting a cheap cell service.

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I never had problem with the service for what it was, but I did have issues with the hardware.

The router they sent me does not play well with other VoIP providers, or at all. I use a business oriented VoIP service for work, and it refused to work at all plugged into the vonage provided router, the only way it would is if the vonage router and the other voip phone into my own router seperately, which i thought was a pain in the ass.

Aside from that I liked the service, but shame that all the telcos and other such companies are gutting it in court.

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hummmm…. thanks guys!

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I have a friend who used Vonage and hated everything about it.

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