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Do you place conviction in the majority of your vocalised or written opinions?

Asked by Nially_Bob (3841points) August 29th, 2009

I remember, not too long ago, my parents telling me that as a child I bothered them constantly by asking innane questions only to look apathetic when being told the answer. I feel this trait has remained sturdily fastened onto my personality over time in so much as I adore learning and discussion but remain bored by objective ‘certainties’. Such has also caused me to develop a firmly implanted fascination with the methodology with which others construct their perspectives and the reasons behind their desire to hold onto such perspectives.
When entering a debate I have observed such passion and willpower on the part of those attempting to defend what they believe yet I find it difficult to simulate such things as I merely follow the opinion I have developed most recently and accept that it may be (and all too typically is) incorrect. Yet I much prefer this, I would rather have everything “up in the air” then assuredly established if for no other reason than recreational value.
All rambling aside (I apologise, it’s a bad habit) my question is whether I am in the majority or minority in this regard? Do most place conviction in what they say and write or are they simply communication what they currently think to be true?

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Do you mean “Do I believe what I say and write?” Yes, I do. Do I like short and clear sentences? Yes, I do. Do I know what a “firmly implanted fascination” means? No.

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If I’m being serious then yes, I mean what I say usually won’t bother saying it unless I have some knowledge or experience. All this I do with convinction but never ruling out my way is the only way or is always right. I leave myself open to learn new things but Pluto not being a planet anymore still irks me.

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Certain stuff I know a lot about. Certain other stuff I have experienced over and over in 60 years of life. Certain stuff I have a passing but sufficient knowledge of. Certain stuff (like issues around psychology, and the disabled) I both know about and am passionate about. I hope I am never closed to the possibility that I might be wrong. Sometimes I just like to goof around.

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Sometimes I say something funny, and people think I have a serious intention behind it.
Sometimes I just say something I think is funny. I don’t mean anything by it.


Pull my finger.

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@gailcalled Do you believe everything you say and write? I previously apologised for my tendency to ramble. A “firmly implanted fascination” is a fascination that one has possessed for some time and is unlikely to ‘go’ anytime soon.

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Edit to the Sub-Text: ...are they simply communicating what they currently…

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As in “I have been fascinated by this for a long time”? Try using the active voice. It will keep you from sounding slightly muddled, which is different from rambling. I change my mind and my opinions from time to time, but when I say or write something, I believe it at the moment. Like now.

And I need someone to laugh at what I say or write in order for me to believe it is funny.

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to be quite honest, I’ve been rather numb to most things for the past couple years.

I’ve always been able to see both sides of everything, I like, and dislike almost every subject one can have a conversation about. I sympathize with virtually everyone, and often times this makes me feel like I really don’t have an opinion on the topic either way, because in most instances I find that both options are equally “right” or what have you in separate and unique ways. I suppose what I’m saying is, I come off as indifferent to a lot of people. A friend will get in an argument with someone, tell me about it, and then regret the choice because I tell them what the perspective is of the person they’re scorning.

And there are honestly, very few topics I feel earnest conviction towards, because as said earlier, I often see the right and wrong in every issue.

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I tend to believe in myself, and since I have a history of being correct more often than incorrect, I do “defend” my position most of the time. I hate being “wrong” and when I am shown where I am wrong, I have been known to change my opinion.

I sometimes “defend” a position in jest, but usually people can’t tell the difference.

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After more than 20 years of formal education, I have rather substantially grounded positions on basic things (god-no god, social equality-inequality, human dignity-submission to authority, etc.), nonetheless, I do still find issues at the margins where I am open to persuasion.

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I don’t write lies or things I consider to be lies. I do write about truth and facts, or things I consider to be such. However, I am always open to learning new things and may adjust my world view accordingly.

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I try to answer from a position of knowledge. I will use anecdotes to convey a certain opinion, but know that anecdotal evidence is not true evidence at all. I am a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic, and I want answers that ring true, not answers that feel good. When someone says “I believe in God because I cannot imagine a world without a god” I know that it is an opinion based on feeling, not on fact. That isn’t good enough for me.
I won’t write outright lies, and sometimes, I get my facts wrong, but I will take correction and criticism as long as it is not malevolent. Sometimes though, I am just a dick, and it stems from Fluthering while not feeling my best. I usually try to remedy my grumpy asshole comments with a heartfelt apology.

I am also quite an ornery guy with a tongue deeply implanted in my cheek. I love a good laugh and will make a snarky comment just for the thrill of it. I try not to be intentionally mean, but sometimes, humor doesn’t work very well in a textual environment.

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Be rest assured I most certainly do just that.

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